Long Tall OCD

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Wanda Jackson - Long Tall Sally

I have four artists' versions of Long Tall Sally, and am listening to them all in order.

Does anyone else do this when you have three or four versions of a song? I'm driven to, especially when they're really different, like covers of or by Tom Jones, or Shirley Bassey.

(No, I /don't/ have an Elvis version, WTF? The non-Little-Richard ones are Wanda Jackson, The's, and local band Frankie Rose and the Imperials from Lynn. They came to us from The Raging Teens, Vol 3. I can't recommend The Raging Teens comps highly enough for New England Rockabilly Fun. Not to be confused with The Raging Teens the band from Boston, with Jittery Jack, who are also awesome. Oh good, there I am front and center with my camera the whole time... Oh good, there's my mom.... :-)

The Raging Teens, Paradise, Boston 09/2011:

In other news, you cannot paste "The's" into FB if you wish to link to say, a YouTube video, because is of course a valid IP assigned to e-Plus / Mobilfunk, which is some mobile phone carrier apparently, which despite having a /14 of through, can't be bothered to have an english page.

There's no email listed for the block, but there is a phone number, and a name. I'm thinking of calling and requesting, as a citizen of the Internet, that they forward to the's official website.