Why do I do anything?

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Looking homeless does not help you when you're standing in Best Buy trying to buy a thousand dollars worth of monitors. I stood around for 25 minutes before getting anyone to tell me they were out of Samsung 204b's. Fuck. It only took 5 minutes to get the same answer at Circuit City, and 3 minutes at CompUSA. Generally, today was a fucking waste. Got home at 2:30a, to sleep at 3:00a, then a page an hour for the next 9 hours until I gave up on sleeping.

My wife reminded me of the days of 100+ page nights and that made me feel (slightly) better. I'd feel even better if I had any kind of seniority after 5 years at the same fucking job. I don't work less than 10 hours/day, I cover when other people call me to fix their shit when they're on call, I do shit work no one wants to deal with. I build complete environments from scratch when given 3 weeks between "hey, we'd like to do this maybe" and "we expect to be selling live orders".