Boston Symphony Pops ft. Aimee Mann

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[music | The Smiths - Shakespeare's Sister]

This was really cool. The first half of the performance was the Pops doing pieces from "unconventional" composers, Bjork, Elvis Costello, and a John Williams piece.

After the intermission they had Aimee Mann with her band, backed by the Pops, which was really cool to hear. Keith Lockhart seemed really into it and it was even more impressive if you think about how they had to coordinate the arrangement with an existing tour schedule. Cool stuff.

Aimee Mann was on for about 45 minutes, and called one of her Magnolia songs "The song that lost me an Oscar..." Outside of that performance, they also featured independant local musicians in two of the lounges before the show and during intermission, then had another band play until "midnight or so" afterwards, but we didn't stick around since it was a work night.

I am still the ultimate magnet for Drunkards and Homeless. I was having a smoke before going into the T station, and some student came up all fucked up and shook my hand and started talking about bars. Evidently Uno's has the best bar he can think of in Boston. So much for this city being ruled by the Irish pub. He proceeded to explain that he wasn't some "fucking beggar" and "doesn't want my money", his words were like "I got a RAZR phone, you think I'm going to ask you for money"? I almost pulled out my Treo and said "I have a Treo, can I have T fare"? He spent about 3 seconds on the phone, and then said he wasn't going underground with us because his girlfriend was picking him up. At which point he bounded past us down the stairs to the station, and fell on his ass, really hard, like, it should have hurt a lot more than it did.

He almost had a conniption when he saw that tokens were no good at this station (Symphony), and we had to buy cards, and there was a guy helping people buy cards. In his defense, that /IS/ stupid. Why use tokens when you can print all this paper?

Once on the train, he found a new friend and started talking about how he's "virtually guaranteed $150,000 when he gets out of school...That's almost a quarter million". He must not be an MBA, or worse, maybe he is.

The people on the train were having a hard time containing ourselves, at least he was a "funny" drunk. I hope his girlfriend found him, or not, or kicked his ass for having her go downtown and then riding the train through Cambridge. I swore that if I saw him pull a car key out of his pocket, I would straight up carjack him rather than see him kill anyone.

That ranks up there with the "Trust and Believe, Good People, I just got out of the Chelsea Police Station" homeless guy, he was a hoot, especially when the Red Line got delayed for 40 minutes because of some stabbing somewhere.

It's international too. Like the ONLY THREE Homeless Rastas on the entire Island of Bermuda totally have my number, it's great. Even the homeless in Bermuda are really polite and it's impossible to just walk by. Almost.

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