Roller. F'ing. Derby.

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[music | The Bruisers - Overthrow]

Last night we went to a Boston Derby Dames all-star team bout against Virginia's Dominion Derby Girls. Check out the Dominion's awesome Injury Log.

Updated with video:

We were ordered by Natalie's brother to attend last nights bout in Wilmington, MA, we found him after hanging around for 20 minutes or so and just hung around listening to the DJ and watching people warm up until the bout started. The DJ and I could have traded iPods and neither of us would have noticed for probably a week. I think he played 4 songs over 4 hours that we didn't have.

Before things got started, they gave an illustrated run-down of the general plan and rules, which is definitely damn handy stuff to know. I have no idea how accurate scoring is, but there were like 6 refs minimum, so I imagine it was pretty legit. We spent the first 20 minute period in the stands, which was nowhere near as good as standing down by the track, which is how we spent the rest of our time.

We decided that this is pretty much exactly our scene. Tatted pierced weirdos beating on each other with at least some goal in mind, with punk/industrial/80s goth soundtrack.

Myspace and Flickr for more.

I advise anyone who can to look in their area for a WFTDA league event in their area and go just to hang out, or, god forbid, skate.

Natalie decided this would be the thing for her to do, if there was a team closer, and after she finds out whether she can still skate after not doing it for 15 years.

Oh, and on the Myspace thing..."Kick 'em in the Poon" might be the funniest sign I've ever seen, period.

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