Satellite TV is for Saps

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I have very rarely seen heat lightning like what we have in NH right now anywhere outside the midwest. This is crazy, but at least I don't feel bad about missing fireworks. Strangely, I was watching Goldeneye when the storm came through and wiped out my satellite.

Speaking of Satellites, here are some photos of the biggest commercial dish in the world coming down:

Here's a "before" shot:

It's a 30 meter dish at Cable and Wireless Teleport in Bermuda. I guess they're just going to be "Cable" now. In any case, the "biggest in the world" comes from the press release by the Bermuda Sun newspaper.

Here are some pics of it coming down. These are not my pics and therefore I'm just posting links to the folder on my site, I've encouraged the copyright holders to put them on Flickr, hopefully they do it. pics here.

The "Site002" one is a helicopter shot I got about 4 years ago from our then C&W rep when I was down there doing our initial site migration. That was when the dish was still in use. It went out of commission and was permanently parked (as above) in I believe mid 2005.

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