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Some of these are really recent, some not, just stuff I've been meaning to post up. And a couple of photos of Natalie's latest fun project.

Natalie had a deadline of like 2 days for this, but it came out very nice:

I had to self-censor another couple of photos of one of her projects, because it's a Christmas gift and I know that with my luck, somehow through the magical interpipetubes, the girl would find it between now and then and I'd be responsible, so after the holiday I guess. It's a chair, it's pretty.

My driveway freaked me out yesterday, so I took a picture of it:

Cool cloud I saw during a momentary lull in this killer thunderstorm in Windsor, ON (across from Detroit). I thought it looked like a locomotive from the 30's all streamlined and stuff:

The fountains of the Bellagio. I took a long exposure, and was just impressed with myself that I held the camera that straight. other than that, it's only mildly amusing:

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