Twitter is going on the pile

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Josh Hawley memes are the only thing trending and showing up in my feed right now.

Kinzinger and Cheney are hopefully having to do some real thinking. The fact that their entire party is still either in avid support of Trump or had no problem with endorsing him while campaigning in 2020. This was so obvious for so long, and those two are the "Your Lifelong Conservative Parents" of Congress. They will not be in Congress in January by the looks of things.

One line, just barely too far for TWO members of congress. They get zero support from their peers in public..

Their leaders have run screaming away from their statements on the 6th and 7th. They are all actively stonewalling and obstructing the committee. Ignoring subpoenas. Literally /running/ from them, like with their actual legs. "Liberal Lies and Conspiracy". RINOs.

This could really really blow things up.

Hopefully we win.

But I'm glad to see no time was wasted scoring cheap political points after the speech against /exactly that thing/ we just watched.