AFC Champion New England Patriots

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Once again, the Pats go to the Superbowl. Here are some photos from the game. My camera came with 2 sets of dead batteries, and when they die, it tends to have focusing/speed/writing-to-memory problems, but here are some that didn't come out looking like complete ass.

There are a few more in the Flickr set, but just click these and go look at the full-size ones if you want.

Thanks again to Steve, Steve, Kirsten, Linda, (and Mike, really!) for giving me the opportunity to see another game. What a blast! I think I need to take more unpredictable action photos. I'm used to shooting track, and while it can be fast action, it's usually (usually) predictable fast action. You know where your target is going to be headed. Turns out that with football, that's not so much the case. As I understand it they have this thing called Stategery, wherein they attempt to not really broadcast the target of the play. In short, I gotta burn more film/memory next time I hit up a game.

I wish the guy in front of me didn't have annoying pom-poms on his hat that got in many of these pics despite my best efforts, oh well.

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