Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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[music | Killing Joke - Tension]

Tonight we saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (warning - that site does every annoying thing a site can do to a browser) at Tupelo Music Hall in Salisbury, MA. We'd never been to the venue before, but it was really nice, you could picture like a smaller version of Hampton Beach Casino, but with tables on the dance floor. We weren't fans of the tables, but we get why they're there, most of the bands aren't "young people bands", and people can sit and eat/drink comfortably.

The band was really fun, this being some of Natalie's favorite music. She got to dress up in fun clothes, not that she doesn't usually anyway, though she chickened out of dancing.

There was some room to the sides of the stage that was left open, and people did dance there, which was great, since they knew how to swing dance...and...we...don't...But fun to watch them. The show sounded great, it wasn't too loud, so I didn't even bother with my plugs. They played for a little under two hours, and got the crowd really into it. I'd wanted to move around a bit to get pictures of the rest of the band and some different angles, but it didn't really look like people were moving much, and the people at some of the other tables didn't seem like they'd want me around, so I didn't do it. I wouldn't have anyway, probably.

Here are some pics, the rest are here on Flickr:

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