Dog Day Afternoon

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Dogs are swell.

Today, Natalie and I we were just starting our daily walk, so we were only like 2 streets away when this dog kind of started running around. The guy said "He'll bite you", so we just stopped and stood still, and yeah, he really did bite Natalie pretty good. We were kind of shaken up so we didn't do what you're supposed to do and get the information about vaccinations and stuff and just kind of staggered Natalie home.

When I got a good look at her leg I decided that yeah you really just need to go to the hospital, so we did. She was there a couple of hours, mostly in waiting rooms chatting. The hospital is on our walking route anyway and I couldn't go inside to begin with, so I just left a key in her car for her and legged it back home and was happy that I at least got my walk in. Turns out the hospital has to call the cops for dog bites anyway, so they got the information and the dog was all up to date on injections and stuff.

After all the excitement Natalie decided we were ordering out tonight, so we went and got some Thai food (A Lot of Thai - Merrimack, VERY good).

As we were coming down our road with the food, I saw a /monster/ of a doberman walking around the road, I planned to go back and get it, but it followed the car home and was waiting outside my door for me to open it.

This thing was the size of a shed. It was HUGE for a doberman, but seemed super friendly and happy to see me. It had tags and a collar, but after today, I wasn't going to reach for its throat and get my arms ripped off, so I just stuck it in the barn and called the cops. We just kind of opened the door on the cop car, let the dog out of the barn and did "you wanna go for a ride"? Hopped right in.

Weird-ass day man :-) And now my barn smells like doberman piss.

So that's two appearances in the Police Log in one day for Natalie for separate dog-related cases.

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