How I spent my weekend

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Saturday we did some strawberry picking, 9lbs for like $18 at Lull Farm's field in Milford.

Sunday, I headed up to Dunbarton to help out with this monster Sun e450. It was trapped in my friend's car because he didn't have anyone to help him move it into his house, haha. At my suggestion we pulled out everything that was modular before trying to get the stupid thing out of the car and up a flight of stairs to his room. From there it was a simple matter of giving it a serial console, with the null modem adaptor I didn't bring, so we had to drop the $9 at the Shack.

Then just feed it CD after CD. He only let me get 3/5 of the way through before giving up. I think it's going to be for sale, any takers? Sucker. My only comment was that it would probably cost him a fortune to make the Boy Scouts take it away from him next spring. In our town they only charged $20 "per computer", but I'm pretty sure they'd make an exception in his case and charge by the pound like with all other electronics.


Looks like some good eatin!

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Yeah, really really good for so early in the season, and after making ice cream, there's barely even a dent in our stash.