Silence My Lambs

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My bathroom is being remodeled and is now completely gutted. Before this project, I proposed a change of venue to the brand new Hampton Inn like 7 miles away, but I was vetoed. I am to "suck it up" and use the serial killer Buffalo Bill bathroom in the basement of our house.

Here is that bathroom, and the journey to it. It took a good deal of self control to do this in the dark. Walking the length of the house in an unlit basement with only the timer light dealy on my camera...I fully expected to see a hand coming at me when the flash fired.

Take a tour with me:



Turning the corner:

Cool, I have to go all the way back there in the dark, I didn't really think this through:

These last two were the result of pushing the button too far as I was flashing the timer light thingy:

Fixed Tags:


Keep an empty 1-gallon milk jug next to your bed and make one trip when you're wide awake.

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That's one of many solutions under consideration. Well, hopefully only another 5 days or so of this. The trip is only actually hazardous because I can't stand up straight in the basement.

I can remember when standing up straight while peeing was a problem.
Alas, no longer!