Joe Buck Yourself - 4/14/2010

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Tonight we got to see Joe Buck Yourself at the Brick House in Dover, NH. This show was the biggest coincidence ever. We first saw Joe Buck playing bass with Hank III at the Roxy, and it killed us, and cost me a toenail. I have been waiting to see him solo ever since. Natalie and I are planning a trip to Tennessee later on this year, and I told her we should try and see if anyone local, specifically, Joe Buck is playing in TN this summer, and make sure we see it. Then, later the same day (yesterday), one of her FB friends posted that they were going to see him in NH tonight, so we immediately got tickets, worth every penny of the $6/ea.

Opening was The Caught Flies, Yankee Cockfight and Calamity (No link, that's what you get for having a single word band name), 3 local bands which were all good. I liked the stripped Yankee Cockfight a lot, they reminded Natalie of the Pine Hill Haints quite a bit, though I didn't necessarily see it.

The Joe Buck set was both raw and really intimate and personal. He had a good time joking with the audience, which had dwindled somewhat, but we were all really into the show, and knew what we were after. You really got a sense of how important he feels it is to remember the history of traditional music and how it turned into rock and especially how it can relate to hardcore and punk, he seems to draw a straight line from the hill people with the mandolins through Carl Perkins and Hank Williams, through Jim Carroll.

Anyway, fuck this nonsense, too late, here are pictures, several more in the Flickr Set: