Fire in Amherst

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I saw the smoke from this fire in Lowell, MA on my way home, about 25 miles away. I wondered why Nashua was burning down and my wife wasn't calling me. Turned out that it was the second fire in a couple of years at Amherst Plaza on 101a.

If you've ever wondered what every emergency vehicle in Hillsborough County looks like all in the same spot, these photos will give you an idea what that would look like.

pics from the 3rd worst camera phone

This isn't the first round for this plaza. A couple of years ago, it was a multi-building strip mall, and one of the buildings burned to the ground. If you're trying to place this spot, it's right across from Lowes, next to the KFC/Taco Bell (Best combo fast food idea evar).

It's a friggin phone, what do you want? Channel 9 evidently showed up just after I rolled through, they have some pretty close ones and some helicopter shots too here.

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