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It seems like I really don't write very much, but that's kind of a massive misconception. I don't write "much", but I had a bunch of blog entries that were at least 60% written and were missing like, screenshots or links or tags or I need to make new tags for things like XScreensaver and BSDs. Haiku. Shit lots of stuff.

I've seen blog posts that I wrote but never posted turn into really cool videos years later by people like Action Retro. Note: I'm not saying "Sean stole my stuff". I never published anything because it wasn't finished, or needed something or "who fuckin' cares what I think about anything". They're making content I love, and I know this because it's all stuff I do too.

All of those things are still true.

Here's the thing, I've been daily driving FreeBSD for, I dunno 6-12 months? I kind of just slid over here and haven't noted how insanely superior it is to my Linux experience in pretty much all ways except CIFS, because assholes and money. So I just wrote a whole post about it below this paragraph and just moved it to a new document.

I just now published like my "intro to my lattice of convenience" and the proper way to watch TV from 2019. It's still relevant, but it's been supercharged. I'll update that.

I got crap to blather about and probably shouldn't worry about how to get anyone to read it.

I'll update my old posts in-line if I want to go back and add things, add screenshots.