mc chris - Harpers Ferry

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Well, I haven't felt like that big a dork in quite a while...

...and I'm a pretty big dork.

Show was about what I expected, music wise. It was way too treble heavy though, which kind of bugged me.

One thing I didn't expect was the crowd. I guess I didn't really know what to expect, but it was the most polite, well behaved, tidy, obedient bunch of folks I've ever been around at a show. Maybe, maybe Rasputina, when they made us all sit on the floor so everyone could see, could even come close.

It was funny because everyone lined themselves up into tidy rows, leaving plenty of space around the edge for people to get to the rear bar and restroom. There was no shoving. And they were instructed to "do Rap Hands, like this, no...Like THIS, no not on the verse, just on the hook, lookit...", or be zombies, or do the robot, and everyone did, in unison, identically (by everyone I mean "not me").

It wasn't a bad show, and the crowd loved it, but wow, I guess I'm just not used to hanging around that many engineering majors and not having it be a forced company get-together.

chris was funny, his "DJ" was the bored'est looking human ever, since it was his job to hit "pause" and then "play" on the Mac, and snooze. He makes decent beats though I have to say. No Pics, I only took two, and I'm sure they came out horrible, and whats the point anyway? Here's the picture: 30's Chubby White Guy, Capt. America t-shirt, Bears hat. Rapping. About Cartoons, oh, and videogames. There's the picture, and way over 900 words to spare.

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