Back to Bermuda

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I'm booked back to Bermuda between Thursday and Monday next week. Different hotel though, directly next door to the last place. This likely means "no more gourmet food for me", but I guess we'll have to see.

I'm going with my boss and 2 other very new coworkers, I guess we'll have to see how that goes also.

This is good for me, I get to finish a large project that I laid out back in August and which didn't happen then for various reasons. It should make my life a whole lot less complex, and since I hate complexity, that is good. I'm willing to do some really big stuff at the front of a project, if it means a simpler product at the end.

Of course, that means kissing my wife goodbye again to get on a plane for the second time in less than a month, but it should be the last trip for a while, which is nice.

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