NIN, Bauhaus, Peaches

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I made it back from Detroit with only a couple hours to spare to catch a nap and a shower before heading out for this one.

It was good as far as it went, Tweeter Center (Great Woods) is an amphitheater, and so there was no real moving around. Even in the little "VIP" mini-pit they built at the stagefront. Big departure from last week. The show itself was really good, Peaches got good reactions from the crowd, at least those of us who had been able to get there by 7. Bauhaus and NIN sounded good, but Bauhaus especially sounded better last year at the Orpheum. We really enjoyed the whole thing, and now that Trent has cleaned up his act, he just keeps getting bigger. I swear he's bigger than the show last year that we saw, he's getting like Glenn Danzig big.

I really wish all artists and venues did the "buy the CD of what you just heard" bit. That worked out so well with Bauhaus last time, we had CDs 15 minutes after the show ended, of course these were right off the board, etc, but they sounded good. The one from the Pixies last year sounded even better, since they took the board mix into the studio and put it all together, giving every show a really good sound.

I kept trying to convince Natalie to turn around and make straight for Detroit with me so we could go see Pig, but she wouldn't go for it, so we just listened to it all the way home instead.

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