"I dunno, '0'?"

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An email I just sent to our internal team. I've finally grown tired of getting several calls a week looking for baseball player guy, or Cheri. Many times I'll strike up a convo with whoever is on the other end. They end up asking "do you play baseball? Do you know X?" What, seriously, are the odds that I would *KNOW* whoever used to have my phone number?

I desperately need a new phone number. I just now (1:00EST) got what I hope to make my last wrong number. I get calls for at least two other owners of 339-555-1212(LJ Sanitized), someone named Sheri (Cheri?), and some baseball player guy. Aside from calls from Natalie, I'd say the ratio is about 3/1 wrong/right numbers. I get a few a week.

Anything with 972-9779 would be absolutely ideal, but beggars can't be choosers, I'm hoping to buck that trend.

I actually had like a 3 minute conversation with this last guy, he sounded kind of like Borat from Ali G, and he was asking for the "local number" for Verizon so he could call and complain. It was totally entertaining.

I just said "uh, I dunno, '0'?"

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