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Here are some of the good photos from the Reverend's 11/17/2007 Boston show.

Nashville Pussy and Hank Williams III/Assjack opened, and the crowd was really wound up and active an hour before the Reverend came out, which is the highest praise I can give an opener, so let's stop there. If you're unfamiliar with Hank III / Assjack, he does basically two sets, a psychobilly set and a thrash/hardcore set. So we basically got 4 bands for the price of 3, and it was awesome. I'm still trying to figure out the roots of the gg allin & Murder Junkies connection, since he remains a local legend and heroic hardcore pioneer. It was good to see props in a big way. I know they've got allin & MJ family on board, playing with Merle Allin et al, which is great. Here is a good interview on NHPR with G.G. Allin & the Jabbers members, since I'm on the subject.

I had been starting to think that there was just no way to make people move around at a show anymore, after the Cult show last week, among others. No matter how fast and energetic the music is, no one ever seems to dance anymore. Tonight was different, and I was happy.

And thanks to Nasville Pussy for restoring my faith in female lead guitarists, holy shit. I'd been put off slightly by Girl in a Coma. I really liked them, but it was pretty basic straightforward rock. Ruyter Suys saved the day. For the record, it's been a long time since I've seen Hanzel und Gretyl, and I'm not trying to be inherently sexist. And for whatever reason, I glossed over the genius that is Throwing Muses, whatever. Maybe I'm just a moron.

The Horton Heat set just flat out rocked, the crowd was crazy (hence my toenail), and security let people dance. I only saw them swarm into the pit to drag out one guy who was apparently not playing nice with the girls in the pit. Aside from that, they were even dancing and doing "Pit Minder" duty around the edge. The History of Rock 'n Roll worked great from Greensleeves (Serf Music) to Elvis, Roger Miller (King of the Road), and Sabbath (Paranoid). Clearly, crowd goes wild.

My only regret is I wanted to spin and dip Natalie, but she didn't want to die. An excellent thing was the girl in front us actually thanking us for stopping people falling on her from the pit. Made me want to spin and dip her too.

Here are some of the better pics:

Check out Jimbo in the back:


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