An Uninspiring Summer of Music

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Sleater-Kinney - Slow Song

Lou BarlowLou Barlow laments this summer concert season (Middle East, Cambridge)

Have a look at a generous sampling of shows coming up this summer. We are currently only booked for 2 shows, only one of which isn't a reunion. We have Bad Brains coming up on Monday, and Rodrigo Y Gabriela some time in the next couple of weeks.

Here's what it looks like:


Tangerine Dream.

Bret Michaels.


Moody Blues.

Jimmy Buffet.


Tesla. TESLA

Howard Jones.

B52s (This one might happen actually, though we've seen them three times in the last three years. If we go it's just for the sake of the sisters)

It's not like there's not a smattering of newer music coming around too, but please, I think I've seen as many reunion/pushing-their-luck shows as I can deal with for a while. We probably should have got tickets for that Feist show, mostly because I love thinking of the roommate dynamics of her and Peaches living together.

I think the plan for a while should be for us to show up at J Random Club on a Tuesday and watch whatever is there for $10 and pick up some CDs and have fun. Paying $50 to see Jimmy-freaking-Buffet with 19899 of my closest friends is not striking me as fun. A range of $56-$97 for Carlos Santana? $70 for MEATLOAF? Even Roxette is getting $37-$67 for the Orpheum. Have you been in the absolute last row in the balcony of the Orpheum? I have, you don't want it.

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