Wolfeboro Community Television

Tonight, Wednesday May 5th, Wolfeboro Community Television failed to deliver again The Wolfeboro Selectman's Meeting was scheduled to begin at 7:00PM and so it did. However, after only a few minutes, the meeting was gone - never to return. What a sorry excuse for a community television channel.

What IS their problem, oc? They are always having trouble.

Well tis, this morning I edited my post about Wolfeboro Community Television. In it I had included the fact that I had received an e-mail response from David Owen, tactfully reminding me that selectmen's meetings now begin at 6:30 PM instead of 7 PM. So anyway, I edited my original post on Wolfeboro Community Television to include this new information and let forum readers know the real reason why the meeting was over so quickly. I've no idea where the changes that I made to my post went!
So I guess I'll have to wait for a better occasion to level my complaint on Wolfeboro Community Television.

I was just going to say, i don't see any changes to your post where you said that!

selectman, Marge Webster caught with her mouth uncharacteristically shut at the Selectman's meeting earlier this evening. Wolfeboro Community Television was also in uncharacteristically good form! This glimpse of 2/5 of the board was shot directly off of our TV screen.

Is that why Sarah is looking at her, because her mouth is shut?????

to Wolfeboro's Clark House Museum property, who all showed up en mass at tonight's selectmen's meeting all acted as if they'd read Robert J. Ringer's book "Winning Through Intimidation". But Dave Senecal and the rest of the board rightfully (IMHO) didn't acquiesce to their demand that the Farmer's Market Folks be denied a permit to hold their markets on the Clark House Park property 1-day each week this summer.
Greenleaf Clark left the Clark House property to the town for, among other purposes, agricultural uses. I applaud any effort of our board to respect the wishes of any of the town's benefactors. Much care regarding the abutter's concerns is being given, which I think is fair enough.

This post is about TV anyway and I put it here rather than start a new topic heading,

Well, all the old dependable analog television station transmitters have gone forever silent and the digital age is upon us whether we like it or not! I still have some friends who rely on over the air signals for their television. Absolutely none of them are happy! The "new and better digital broadcast system" is bringing them fewer channels than they were able to receive before the transition. One friend gets only two channels and he has to go to two different rooms in his home to receive them! I was up in arms as soon as I heard the baloney that TV stations were switching to digital transmission because it was "better"! I can still remember where I was when I first heard that bold faced lie. I predicted a lot of people would be unhappy after the transition. Sad to say I had that one right.
Any other Forum members out there who rely on over the air reception for their TV viewing? How are you doing?

My in-laws are in the mid-Vermont boonies and they actually get more now. I believe they went from 3 fuzzy shitty channels to 5 channels that are much more watchable. There are obviously bigtime technical advantages to DTV, plus we get all that spectrum back for other things.

I myself still have an analog TV and will until it dies, I have DirecTV though so was unaffected.

Just to show I can take any thread into worthless tangents, there was an interesting story about some artist who uses photos of TV static in his "art". He was bitching that there wouldn't be any static anymore, which is obviously untrue, since static is the lack of signal. The story was slightly more interesting than the art IMHO, but only just.

Static isn't the lack of a signal, static (snow) IS a signal consisting of noise. Snow will remain available via obsolete analog tuners.

I think that's what I was trying to get at. Like if you plugged in a TV in 1850 and turned it on, you'd get snow. I think he was trying to play with it and have faint images from stations you half-tune-in, but he could still do that anyway with any number of < $100 in-home broadcast devices.