Anyone know for sure what happened.

I just heard something terrible happened on North Main Street. I hope someone can tell me it isn't true. Does anyone know? The yellow house halfway up the hill-I don't want to mention any names.


alot of police activity there atm.......and there is crime scene tape up....ive heard rumors of who it was and how they were found,it is a terrible thing to happen here in wolfeboro

What happened??

It is confirmed she was found dead in her home. I don't want to repeat rumors. It is very sad.

I saw the police tape around the house and driveway around 12:15 and wondered what was going on. Murder?

Apparently. She was the nurse at Carpenter. She was well liked, a nice lady. All the rest is still speculative.

Wmur had a link to it and a story on the news but very little was known. Apparently they were still looking for her husband who had the twin first graders with him for the weekend and one of the older children found her. It's really terrible this could happen in our little community.

I'm sure the schools and other resources in town have stepped in to support the family but if anyone knows of any way I can help please reach out to me. I can cook, clean, watch little ones, etc. We all feel so powerless when something tragic happens. . . . don't we?

There are so many rumors going around, it is crazy. I did hear the kids are with a friend.

Has anyone heard any news as to who might have done it?

My heart goes out to the Burns family, especially the five children.

There are tons of rumors going around, but since noone knows yet, I would not want to post them. It is constant, I think I have heard more rumors about this than I have ever heard. My heart goes out to the children too.

Thanks tis, until all the facts are known it's best not to post rumors.

I am pretty sure it is true that the boys all went back there to spend the night after the prom. I think that explains all the kids. I wouldn't expect them to name the suspects until they had it pinned down and an arrest was made.
In case you haven't heard, her service is at 10 Fri morning at the Catholic Church.

I was called and asked to post this. It is legit!

The Carpenter/Crescent Lake School PTO has set up the Carpenter/Crescent Lake School PTO Burns Family Donation Fund at Citizens Bank in Wolfeboro. This fund is to benefit the Burns family children. For those who wish to donate, please do so at Citizens Bank in Wolfeboro.

Please pass this on, and post on your blogs and forums.

Thank you for helping to bring our community together in a time of crisis.

Deanna Cayon
Kelly Demain
Carpenter/Crescent Lake School PTO Co-Presidents

Don't try mailing your donation to the Citizen's Bank in Wolfeboro - they simply won't get it. Instead hand deliver your donation or call the Citizen's Bank Office in Wolfeboro for instructions. (569-1221).
Anything mailed to them goes to the dead letter office and eventually is returned to the sender!!!

Oh, thanks for that info, oc. I will let them know that!

I guess no matter what I try to post on the Winnipesaukee Forum, be it a falcon's nest webcam or the warning that I posted earlier on this Forum as well, my posts will be discarded by the Winnipesaukee Forum's almighty webmaster.
It is sad because donations to the motherless Burns children may forever become deferred or lost because of the facts my warning contains. If the Winnipesaukee Forum's moderator had any brains he would have identified my post as important and posted it for the good of the poor Burns children. (Which was the reason for my post.)

Did you see on there glenn steely (close) thought he was banned and he wasn't? Maybe there is another problem?

to whoever on this forum used their pull to compel the Winnipesaukee Forum to post my Citizens Bank mail warning (identical to the one posted at 5:30PM Wednesday on this site). My post on this Forum came before the post on the Winnipesaukee Forum but now that my post has miraculously appeared on the Winnipesaukee Forum, it shows a posting time more than an hour before it was written!
Maybe my post appears on the other site due to Divine Intervention!

I just heard that there's been an arrest in the Burn's murder. I'll keep her name quiet until it is confirmed.

"her name"

I see that nothing gets by you wolf. Most of those who know me would tell you that my gender specific reference was no accident. And here I thought you knew me wolf!
Incidentally, I've heard zero confirmation of any arrest. Channel 9's noon newscast stated that there have been no arrests in the case thus far. While that's probably the case, I'd like to hear that from a reliable source.

Well, the latest I heard is that we are all going to be SHOCKED when we find out who is being arrested.

The AG is waiting until after the service? (Respeck, and all that).

I have heard a female name thrown into the mix, but I'm skeptical about the suggestion of waiting until after the service. Especially since that particular news would only be a relief to the family.

Unheard of/very rare for a woman to kill with a knife. Waiting until after the service would make sense if it were a (family) youngster. Horrible thought.

I've heard a name too - more then 28 hours ago but WMUR is still saying as of Friday night at 6:00 that noone has been arrested. They did emphasize that noone was in danger.

Tell the police the name that you have because they don’t seem to know who it is.

Male or female?

Well, I can say this for an absolute fact. We came by there about an hour ago and there is no yellow tape and no cars.

They did emphasize that noone was in danger.

If no one is in danger, then somebody's in "juvenile detention"? The name of a juvenile would not be released or release-able.

Peace_through_Weakness wrote:
"If no one is in danger, then somebody's in "juvenile detention"? The name of a juvenile would not be released or release-able."

My dad taught me not to draw broad conclusions from limited facts.