Anyone know for sure what happened.

I just heard something terrible happened on North Main Street. I hope someone can tell me it isn't true. Does anyone know? The yellow house halfway up the hill-I don't want to mention any names.


I was told by someone NOT privy to the actual investigation that they were going to bring all six living people who were in the house the night of May 9 back to the house for some sort of re-enactment yesterday.

Now it's inconceivable that they would re-enact the murder with her children present. But perhaps two or more of the kids who slept over have told stories which contradict each other, or which do not explain the physical evidence found, and they are trying to sort them out.

As with all rumors, be aware that this information does NOT come from someone in a position to know.

Well, rumors or not, at least it is encouraging to hear that something is going on. I haven't heard much lately and was beginning to wonder.

This sure has taken the gossip heat away from Jim Lowry now hasn't it. Talk about not hearing anything new ? ! ? ! ? !

Well DF except for the fact drugs could be involved and the possibility of JL going there Sunday???

It is a remarkable coincidence that this very unusual crime occurred shortly after JL's very curious arrest in Illinois.

I wonder if the community of school nurses were somehow involved in an investigation into how to connect the dots arising out of the JL arrest?

Who posted his bond, anyway?

My oh my - I hadn't connected those dots at ALL!

I heard from a reliable source of 2 of JL's 3 bail posters. They're local people, your first and second best guess are very apt to be correct. I feel obliged not to repeat the names that I've heard. Both of their names have previously been mentioned in connection with JL on this Forum.


I really am hoping an believing that the two have no connection. You just never know. Who knows how much of the rumors are speculation? I was a bit surprised but not a lot, by one of the people who posted bail, a local business man, not the one always connected with JL. I don't want to say his name either.
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Thanks for the explanation! I thought we might be missing something with a BIG OOPS!

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You guys can mail me or post in the Features topic or whatever and I can junk any dupe comments or things you feel you've posted in error.

Boy, that xrayxps fella sure runs a great and hospitable website! I'm very happy with the existing features.

Sure is quiet. Well the initial tests should be back by now, no statement, nothing. Maybe it is as a previous poster stated, flailing.

I haven't been impressed with the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and their investigations since the Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay fiasco up in Franconia. Aside from the distortion that they added to those and subsequent events, that office seems to have a, "Don't speak unless spoken to policy." Our state's only TV station with a newscast is; too small, amateurish and unaggressive to keep things going. If the Burn's homicide were to remain unsolved, it wouldn't surprise me!

That is what the talk is now, I think people are discouraged-they are "flailing". People want some answers or at least some kind of encouragement that they are getting some answers.

According to Wolfe Politics blog the Boston Globe will be doing a much needed story on Wolfeboro, and it's not going to be about a great weekend destination.

Maybe the MA media will get some answers and keep the story alive since that is where she was from.

If this case remains unresolved, the town's image will be further tarnished.

Forget that last post - sorry !

Well, I hope somebody can get some answers, I don't car WHO it is!

This womans life deserves to be be honored with some answers. The family deserves answers as well as the community.

The AG's office says it has interviewed over 50 people. How many of these 50 have the new media interviewed? I'd venture a guess of zero.

I hope those 50 don't agree to be interviewed. There would be nothing gained from printing what they had to say.

To go with my post below -
I agree the AG's office needs to make a statement of some kind, but the statement, or lack of one, should be in the best interest of the ongoing casework. Frankly, I am impressed with the (seeming) lack of "leaks" from that office.

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How many of these 50 have the new media interviewed?

You mean I need to drive all the way up there with a notepad, fedora and plucky young assistant?

I've heard horrible things about this crime, I hope at least 3/4 of them are false.

I doubt that any of those 50 will be disciplined enough to refuse an interview. What they say will be "interpreted".

The Globe, or most any paper, will select what they want to appear, which is, anything that brings revenue in for their newspaper. Especially now that thousands are in the area for Memorial Day weekend. Thousands will suddenly run out and buy The Globe (for example). That's a point not lost on editors.



You doubt any of the 50 would be disciplined enough?
They have already been approached by the media many times.

x, I don't know what you have heard, but if you heard what I heard, I believe that awful stuff is true.

Where do we get together to talk about taxes, or real estate transactions?

They say when people gather here, "talk turns to" those things. I must be missing something.

And they wonder why they're going out of business. Making sh*t up is most of the reason.

Undaunted by the problems with my Falconcam links, here's a link to the Globe article:
Note in the comments that follow, that no one, even one who professes to be from Wolfeboro can spell Wolfeboro!
For what it's worth, I've tested the link.

Crappy article, that is journalism? Can I get a job?

Now that I've read the Globe's (crappy) article your 9:44 AM comment takes on new meaning!