Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?


Have I finally got it right oc? I had a hard time figuring out how to post here. Maybe it is because I am very tired. I am now thinking I gave everyone the wrong address. DF said she is going to wait and see what happens.

You've got it tis! I hope DF joins us, she'll liven up this site. I'll be looking for the others to join in soon. Meanwhile, get yourself some rest tis.

OK, I for notices for two new messages on my email but I can't see them here. One from Z and one from oc. What am I doing wrong now?

I posted to the wrong place too tis. It seems simple to me but for some reason I've screwed up too. We should all go first to our exile forum at:
which is where I hope I am now. Maybe Dragonfly was right about things being confusing! For me, I can't help myself because I'm an old coot.

Ah, so now I have somebody to blame! YOU oc!!!!! OK, I will go back to the first one. THanks.

Glad to read post's from some familiar posters. Tis, you know Keith, any inside scoop on when he and Ralph plan to fix the site or are they going to close it?

Now I am back here. I hope this is the right place. ARe you here oc and z?

Hello Tis,
I knew if I went away, kept my mouth shut (very hard for me to do) and just waited, you'd show up. I hope z joins us too! Then, if the four of us can trade comments, we should try to open the floodgates. Maybe we can get OC back here in time for a selectmen's meeting report. Well anyway, I'm going to sit back and wait for some other posters.

Yes, oc, I am!!!! I hope z does find his way here too. I just called Keith to see what his timeline is if any. x may get tired of us.


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I didn't really get too tired of the other site, there was a specific event that prompted me to ask that they find another host. It wasn't anything to do with content or anything anyone said though, just a "these things happen" kind of deal.

I actually quite enjoyed hanging out and lurking in the forums.

If other people start using them, I'll probably make a more generalized area outside of the Wolfeboro area since I've only made it back to Wolfeboro one time in the last 10 years, but as long as I'm able to keep the discussions Spam Free, they'll be available. That's always the battle though.

I'd really like to see a Music discussion forum work out, that could be just as flamey as the Politics forum you guys are used to. I think Leonard Cohen vs. Tom Waits threads could generate as many posts as if someone has the gall to build a house within 5 miles of CW.

I am here.

Yea z, maybe we are all finally getting it straight!
Thanks for putting up with us x. I heard about the breach.
oc, I didn't get an answer when I called Keith.

Tomorrow is Granite State News day. I'm kind of looking forward to Huggins Hospital's defense of their decision to shut down the maternity ward. Personally, I think that their decision shows very little regard for Wolfeboro as a community. Fundamentally, their plan is to go where the money is. One of the high priced Manchester heart specialists told me that he was planning to set up shop in the new hospital.
I also think the cost of malpractice insurance as it relates to a hospital's maternity ward is a big factor. A maternity ward has to be on its toes 24 seven, which can be problematic for a hospital like Huggins. Oh, they could do the job if that were one of their priorities. Anyway, I'm waiting to see what they say.

I see that you posted at 5:05AM. You're in no danger of running into me at that hour. Good to see that you were here!

I agree oc. I am very sorry they are shutting down the maternity ward as are lots of people. I also heard that now the facility in Alton is on hold, maybe permanently on hold.
I am glad Jeb won yesterday. We don't need any more dems in Concord to keep making new laws.

Left a lot to be desired. We had four hang-ups on our answering machine from area code 202 (Washington DC) this past week Finally, just before election day his robo- call system (calling from the same number) left a message imploring us to vote for Jeb the next day.
Then his campaign workers knocked our doorbell system's button/radio transmitter right off of the house and left it where it fell! Then (so we'd know who to blame, I guess) they hung Bradley's campaign material on our doorknob. (I still don't know when all this happened - while the doorbell functions when the button is pushed, we never heard a thing! When he next runs, I hope his campaign is more polished and less intrusive, annoying and damaging.
I think Huggins will be lucky to survive their bad decisions - especially including that monstrosity they're replacing their once attractive facility with. I hope nothing that ugly ever comes to plague our neighborhood.

Good Morning! Come by again today at a more civilized hour so we can chat!

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You can go ahead and create new topics for all this stuff if you want to break out the Huggins and Jeb discussions, just like the old site. I don't think there are any restrictions on who can create new discussions or anything like that.

I just wanted to make sure you knew you had rights to do all that stuff :-)

That's great X - I heard Tom Waits was building a house next door to CW so he could sit on his porch and sing his gravel filled songs out over Winter Harbor. Sound travels you know! LOL!

Very interesting oc. I got some calls but that was it. I didn't like the way the dems were passing laws as fast as they could, so am glad to see another one didn't get elected although the dems are still in power so Jeb won't make much difference. I just do not like the nanny state.

We need to get a few more people to come on here!

I just got an email from OC about the railroad station. He said it is going to be twice the price that was voted on ($145) as they found rot, old asbestos steam pipes in the basement, a flooded basement and a whole list of things. Who's surprised? Probably should have put this under Wolf. Politics but for now we will only have to check one.


Can you get OC to come to this forum and post? Seems to me that this is a golden opportunity that Chris has afforded to us.
As for the railroad station, I heard it being discussed on Wolfeboro Community Television by our selectmen. In the selectmen's discussion, they began talking about the railroad station's basement. Well, in all the years that I've been in and around it, I never had a clue it even had a basement! I guess that I always thought it was on a slab.
As you said, (in reference to the railroad station's costs) "Who's surprised?" None of us should be, you can't neglect buildings for a half century or more, without expecting expensive repairs to be needed. Personally, I think the town should do the work its buildings need. Of course it's going to be costly, but as they say, "Those that dance, must pay the fiddler!" Hopefully, real estate can return to being a good investment and the taxpayer's money will later prove to have been well spent. If it proves otherwise, I guess we're all screwed anyway!
Well, I hope you can get OC and others (wolf for example) to come join us. For now, to keep it simple, I vote we keep posting under this heading.

Well, as I posted yesterday, I was looking forward to today's Granite State News, where we were told, Huggins Hospital was going to tell us all, the reasons behind their decision to ax their maternity ward. Instead, there was a page two article about how Huggins was going to tell us why they closed their maternity ward in an explanation they will release sometime later this month.
I'm sure the hospital had told the Granite that they would have an explanation for their behavior in time for this week's granite. That's why, at the bottom of last week's editorial page, we were promised an explanation. I think that Huggins knows that their explanation had better be good (which explains their new dilemma).
Laurie McLaughlin's letter to the editor on page A-10 of the Granite, was a courageous letter for a hospital employee to write (or anyone else for that matter). It was hard-hitting, accurate and outlined the hospital's bad decision-making process very well I thought. There's little I can add to what she said. Before Wolfeboro becomes a community that is populated only by Old Coots, I say keep the maternity ward open.

I agree, I have read most of the Granite. As I said before I am very disappointed that the hospital is spending all that money with no increase in size, no walk in clinic and no maternity ward. What a waste. I also heard now that the Alton facility is now cancelled.
I asked OC today to come on. He didn't answer me. Noone seems too be answering me except DF who said it was too confusing or something to that effect. I wonder if Chris could set up something so when someone went to Wolf.net that there was an address to this site. I don't know who wolf is and have no contact with him. But you and I oc will get mighty tired of just the two of us writing the same thing all the time!

I've hit reply under a post from last Saturday, to see if it shows up under the last post (chronologically speaking). I wanted to discover some means where each of our posts doesn't get narrower than the post before it. While the increasingly narrow messages become impressively long they are also becoming more and more tedious to read. So I guess you all (possibly just you tis) have got the gist of why I made this post.
Gee tis, had no idea that you and Wolf didn't even know each other!

What can we do to prevent each of our posts from being even narrower than the one before. I tried to simply reply to a nice wide comment and I got a nice wide post mixed in with some old stale posts! There must be a way to stay away from having each line being only one word long.

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I've fixed this. You can now change the comment display settings based on your preferences for each topic page.

Threaded - Collapsed: Lists the subject line of each comment, click the subject to open that thread.

Threaded - Expanded (This is the default): Display nested comments with each comment expanded

Flat - Collapsed: Show just the subjects, but in a flat list

Flat - Expanded: This is most like the way Wolfeboro.net forums were displayed on the other site. I can set this to be the default. I believe each user can also set their own default preferences.

All right! With the help of my resident computer guru, I selected; Flat-Expanded. Doing that turned all the comments on my page to nice big and wide legible ones. My guru tells me that all of us using this forum will have to select the format that they desire, in order to see the posts the way they want to see them. Anyway, by my experience, I'd select the "Flat-Expanded". Once again Chris, we are all in your debt! Now if we can get the others to post so that this isn't just a one note, Old Coot forum.