Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?


I guess we built a fire under you, didn't we Keith?

You are the one who deserves all the credit for getting this forum going and also getting Keith to get his forum back up. With the ad in the Grunter and getting people on this forum, everything worked out real good.
Good Job!!


Thank you wolf, but it was Dragonfly who first suggested that we see about the Grunter giving us some free publicity. Tis has worked hard on the still unresponsive OC. I'd say that it was a team effort.

Well said oc and I agree, DF & tis also dug in and helped with the effort.

You Did work hard, oc. You DO deserve the credit. You started it, you told me about it, I finally got DF, am still working on OC CW and Anti, and another who for the life of me I can't remember what name he uses on wolf.net. I'm trying to think if there are any other regulars that I contacted. A few people who don't post are reading but not posting. Wolf, you still haven't told us how you found it! That is a question. Well???????

I'll just say that it all started when oc contacted the Grunter.


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I'm glad Old Coot replied to that first blog post and got things rolling as well. I spoke with Keith today, after he sent me the Holy Cow Article in the paper. Since time may be short, I decided to kick the politics forum right in the teeth :-)

I was hoping CW would show up before I posted that, but doesn't look like that's going to happen, and I'm looking for honest opinions, not ad hominem whaarrrgarbl anyway.

I was going to take the credit for the press idea and then once I saw this was going in a downward direction I thought again. Let's just all admit we miss Keith and want our old site back. I actually had to pick up a phone to talk with people from wolfeboro.net this week. . . good gawd what's the world coming to! Not that we don't appreciate xray - we do. All us desperate souls.

Anyone see my tulips this week - they were really beautiful!

Dragonfly asks:
"Anyone see my tulips this week - they were really beautiful!"
I didn't see your tulips specifically, Dragonfly, but your property is looking beautiful and is an asset to the Wolfeboro Community.
As for existing and promised forums, let's see how things play out.
BTW Dragonfly, how much did your spiffy ad cost you on this forum?

What am I missing DF? Why is it going into a downward direction?
I will give CW another shout today and see where he is. He should stir up some action!

Mr. & Mrs. Custom House Falcon have asked me to announce that the first (of potentially 4) falcon chicks was born this afternoon. The parents request that visitors wear their swine flu masks.
click on:

I hope other Forum members and guests have stopped in often to see the one newborn falcon chick and its occasionally present parents.
Yesterday my family and I watched the newborn wander unsupervised off camera. No falcons could be seen from then until midnight yesterday. But mother and chick are miraculously back on camera today. To pay them a visit, click on:

How come this falcon link doesn't work. I wanna see!

I don't know, Dragonfly. I tested the link in this site's preview mode and it was fine, But yesterday afternoon the site disappeared and is still gone as of this writing. This has happened before and it's come back. I hope that it returns again. If it comes back up I'll re-post.

the falcon cam is up and running this AM. Drop in and see their baby.

I can't get it oc.

Before dropping in on the Forum I went to the Falcon site and it was down again. For what it's worth, I'll repost again when it's back up.

The Falcons ar

The Falcons are back up. Hurry and see them 'cause they're apparently having issues with their Internet Provider.

That's about as interesting as watching the grass grow.

I'll have to try it another time when my service provider is providing faster service. . . not this rainy overcast afternoon when too many people are home on line.

You're right Dragonfly, sometimes there's less activity at the Falcons' nest than there is in the New Hampshire Attorney General's office. The Falcons aren't supported by our tax dollars though!

The baby Falcon doesn't stay in view of the camera very much, but got this clip this morning. Baby is sure getting bigger!


Thanks wolf for the post. Every time I've visited the site the little bugger's been out with his buddies. I figured that he'd become a statistic.

It's hard to tell the Mother from the baby now.
The first picture is the Mother ripping apart a bird to feed baby.
The second picture is baby Felcon.



Great shots Wolf! Yesterday, I caught a shot of the two. I'm not bird wise enough to know whether I'm looking at the mother or the father falcon. (For now at least, I can still tell the baby from the adults.) For the most part the falcon family is never home.

Size is different in raptors. It, as well as color, is called sexual-dimorphism:


I was amazed to find that it was last April when I last grumbled about Huggins Hospital's plan to close its maternity ward. In the time since then, Huggins has only obfuscated their position, that I've noticed anyway.
On page A 10 (the editorial page) of today's Granite, one Margaret Blodget added her voice to the hundreds of other voices that came before hers. In her letter, Margaret states:
"A community hospital should serve the needs of all its citizens. Forget the number crunching that authorities always use in this world of computers; it's more important than ever to bring back common sense and the human element in making decisions of this magnitude."
I couldn't agree with Margaret more. Assistance in childbirth is a predictable requirement of a population. How many children can be expected to be born, during a given time at a given hospital is not relevant, the important fact is that in a community like Wolfeboro there'll always be expectant mothers among the population and they will normally require the services of a maternity ward. You can bet that this summer Huggins is counting on this community to host the Hospital Street Fair. Should we tell them that our computers tell us that it won't pay for us to help?

Well the hospital can find enough money for a Huggins Hospital Ambulance. Has anyone seen that around town? We now have one more ambulance in town to compete with those we already have and are paying for with town funds. THe hospital is competeing with the town? I don't get it.

I also don't understand why the Hospital has a HUGE poster right in side their front lobby which says "The future of Huggins" and has a picture of an infant. What a farce! They should have a picture of a rich old person sitting in a wheelchair signing over their property to the Hospital!

Oh and another thing - many of us have gone over to http://wolfeboro.forumcab.com/index.php which is a really nice site. We love X for keeping us going here but the other blog is set up to be a forum and is very user friendly.

No kidding Dragonfly, I hadn't spotted the Huggins Hospital Ambulance. Does it chase the two town subsidized Lord Ambulances around town?
I agree with your too funny observation that a poster of a wheelchair bound elderly person signing their property over to Huggins would be far more appropriate than one depicting an infant. The sorry side is that some people have lost their homes involuntarily as a result of medical debt.
I am glad you are still posting here on this user friendly website.