Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?

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Below the story text, and just above the first comment, should be a drop-down box that allows you to re-sort the replies in either "oldest first", or chronologically from old to new, or "Newest First", which, for me, put your latest post as the first in the thread for me. Is that what you were looking for? Maybe I'm not understanding you completely.

Glad you asked that question tis. I followed Chris's (aka x's) directions and now I won't have to scroll through the ever increasing supply of comments.
Tomorrow our "Wolfeboro In Exile" home will get publicity in the Granite. I hope some more of our old friends and adversaries see our web address there and come join us.
I expect this site to do nothing but grow!

Maybe you could score some pot with an ad in the Granite.

With all the world's problems, I'm beginning to hope our Commander-In-Chief can do this!
Obama walks the dog

Winni.com's Moderator prefers subject matter that pertains only to Lake Winnipesaukee. While a falcon cam might be of general interest, it needs to relate to a thread placed there in 2007.

I'd suggest a search at Winni.com for "peregrine" or "falcon", and place your post in that previously-addressed subject matter.

It should appear by 9:30AM the next day.


Winni.com's moderator has (or should have) received 3 seperate emails and 2 bracketed questions accompanying my comments without my having received even one reply. I've no idea where you get your information, Peace_through_W..., regarding the Winni.com moderator's preferences on falcon posts or anything else, but by my experience it's nothing you've learned directly from him. The site has tons of posts completely unrelated to Lake Winnipesaukee that appear every day. How does the Winni.com moderator know that the falcon now nesting in the Boston Custom House Clock Tower hasn't flown over Lake Winnipesaukee in the past? I thought moderators can and do move posts to appropriate locations on their sites-how would I, a member since March know to put my falcon post in a thread from 2007?
While you say that if your theories are followed my post "should appear by 9:30AM", I say my post should have appeared days ago.

I know I have a hard time explaining but you got it x! I do have it on oldest first but it doesn't take me there.

oc, you mean the dog can't walk on water too?????

Of course the dog can walk on water too but he doesn't care too - he's a Portuguese WATER dog. . . he prefers to swim.

Tis, it's a two-step process.

You appear to be more adept at the keyboard than Winni.com's Moderator.

He has to continually deal with the lake's Speed Limit issues and the nouveau riche, entitlement-crazed and aggressive boaters that repeatedly "spam" Winni.com over it.

Now I recall that the site's search feature doesn't allow you to go back more than one year. You could search "bird", and put your link in an older existing thread, and write that your post is a "sidebar" to the existing thread.

I'm not happy that my user name here has been drastically shortened to read "Peace_through_W..." either, but this site's administrator probably can't do anything about that. Everywhere else at this forum my user name comes through complete.

Anyway, which "tons of posts" there DON'T relate to the Lakes Region?

Peace through Weakness asks:
"Anyway, which "tons of posts" there DON'T relate to the Lakes Region?"
Your original assertion PTW was:
"Winni.com's Moderator prefers subject matter that pertains only to Lake Winnipesaukee."
In your original post you didn't say "Lakes Region." and you used the word "only" Anyway, some of the tons of none Lake Winipesaukee related posts from today's list include:
Vietnam Moving Wall
Dog Walking Group
Cleaning Up After Puppy
Pier 19 Store
Satelite TV providers
AT&T cell phone service
Is the Wine'ing Butcher Open?
Auto Body
Car Buried in Moultonboro
Dog found

That's quite an assortment of topics - how presumptuous of me to try and mention a falcon! Also, if Winni's moderator is so strapped for time he'd do well to stop removing my falcon (or other) posts.

Peace, can you tell me what I am missing then? I have oldest first and then pressed save. What else do I have to do?

Boy oh Boy oc! You have some clout with the GSN! I am impressed!!!!! Your friend gave us a GREAT writeup in the paper. That should really help to get our old members here and hopefully some new ones. One thing, it said the old site was hosted by winnipesaukee. com which of course it wasn't but wolf.net was also mentioned so I think people will figure it out! Thank you oc's friend, Tom!!!

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It sounds like what you want is to set that to "newest first", and then save that. That will cause the latest messages to be at the top of page 1 of comments.

Duh, I knew I was getting old but imagine that. Thanks x, I am really losing it!

Just tried it and it is working perfectly! God I can't imagine I did that! Talk about feeling dumb!!!!

Hard as it is to believe, Huggins has apparently snuck through another week without releasing the promised information regarding their maternity ward decision. I hope that the GSN and the community that it serves keep the pressure on.
BTW tis. Dyslexia's commonplace. We'll help you when you need it!

LOL. Thanks for the offer oc. I surely need it. I needed the laugh too!
Since I don't remember anything did I tell you I heard there was a JL sighting today? At the Corner Store. So he must have made bail???

The Conway Daily Sun said this about Lowry:

"Lowry was a Wolfeboro police com-missioner from 1999 to 2005. During some of the police department's most turbulent years, a rift between he and then-commissioner Joe Melanson was linked to the resignation of the police chief."

So the "Dumb Ass" is out on bail and making his rounds around Wolfeboro. Maybe I can get a joint from him. what do ya think oc. I won't have to put an ad in the Grunter after all.

Give JL a call wolf. His number's in the book. (569-5897)

We wondered if JL was the tipster in the Dumont/Badger arrest that never happened at Weeks Traffic Circle years ago. I forget when that was but I thought it was longer ago then 1999.

Dog Walking Group -- Lakes Region related
Meadowbrook -- Lakes Region related
Pier 19 Store -- Lakes Region related
Satelite TV providers -- Lakes Region related
AT&T cell phone service -- Lakes Region related
Is the Wine'ing Butcher Open? -- Lakes Region related
Auto Body -- Lakes Region related
Car Buried in Moultonboro -- Lakes Region related
Dog found -- Lakes Region related
Vietnam Moving Wall -- Original Poster is a Wolfeboroite!

Cleaning Up After Puppy/Wolves -- NOT Lakes Region related.

But don't feel TOO bad. I started a similar "Wolves" thread years ago and it got pulled after a nasty-gram from Don (the Moderator).

Here's what you can do:
1) "Edit" one of your earlier, successful posts to add the falcon link.
2) Save it as a Favorite under "Falcon".
3) When the subject of birds, raptors, or when the usual hummingbird thread comes up again this Spring, link to it at that time.



I responded to the assertion you made in your original post. You didn't say Lakes Region in your original post - The one where you said,
"Winni.com's Moderator prefers subject matter that pertains only to Lake Winnipesaukee. While a falcon cam might be of general interest, it needs to relate to a thread placed there in 2007."
Anyway PTW, your own past experience when you were graced with a "nasty-gram" from "Don (the Moderator)" affirms my impression of Don's elitist site. Consider yourself lucky that his highness bothered to communicate with you, he's never answered me.
As to your advice:
"3) When the subject of birds, raptors, or when the usual hummingbird thread comes up again this Spring, link to it at that time."

I'll email the falcon and see if she'll hold off on the birth of her chicks until the Winnipesaukee Forum is ready for a post on her webcam.

WMUR's website has videos of Wolfeboro Town Clerk Pat Waterman and Avery Insurance's Tom O'Dowd each expressing their shock at Jim Lowry's arrest.
I have the utmost respect for Pat Waterman.
Now that I've got the right day, I hope that Dragonfly's grand re-opening of her antique shop Dragonflies, was a success!
No falcon chicks as yet.

I see "Lakes Region" and "Winnipesaukee" as interchangeable terms. Winnipesaukee being the wet part with a few dry parts, and vice-versa for the Lakes Region.

Actually, the birth of this falcon's chicks is a PERFECT time to post the FalconCam. Nothing's more boring than to watch a bird incubating eggs unless watching the eggs in her absense is more interesting!

Webmaster-Don has hosted Winni.com for a decade: Don is entitled to control its content whereas we posters do not own that entitlement.



Our opening went great!!!

We had more then 20 visitors and several nice sales. It was a great start to a new economy for the Sykes Family.

First time I've had anyone quote Pete Seeger to introduce their argument with me!
As you said, "Webmaster-Don has hosted Winni.com for a decade: Don is entitled to control its content whereas we posters do not own that entitlement.

Well, he can exercise his authority, but I don't have to like it. (and don't)
Let's give it a rest, Peace_through_Weakness.

I hate to correct you but those famous words are from the Bible. . . much older then Pete Seeger who I adore!

Thanks Dragonfly. Pete will only be 90 this month, the bible's older for sure! (Pete once related that his father was fond of saying, "Plagiarism is basic to all culture.) I've admired Pete and have collected recordings of his music for years, as I bet you have as well.
Have you heard Precious Friend, one of the double albums with Arlo?

I went to many Arlo concerts when I was young and living in MA but haven't seen him in concert in years.

I just heard yesterday NPR had 5 hours of streaming music of Pete Seeger. I may try to find it. He's a real National Treasure.

Hello all- well I was taking my sweet time in building a new website, until I saw that wonderful article in this week's granite state news. I will try to have forums back up and running by Friday.