Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?

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Oh and another thing - many of us have gone over to http://wolfeboro.forumcab.com/index.php which is a really nice site. We love X for keeping us going here but the other blog is set up to be a forum and is very user friendly.

Just to clear one thing up, the platform Keith and Ralph are deploying is the same one that runs this site and I imagine the forums will have much the same functionality, so if there's anything you don't like about it, let me/them know so they can fix it before they launch.

They will certainly be theming it differently from my site, which is just a default Drupal theme, but if there was some functionality-based reason you like the other site better, we should probably let those two know.

Also, in the interest of separation of Church and State, if what you're not into is the fact that this is like "xrayspx.com/forum" and it's tied to my blogs, I could easily have done "wolfeboro.xrayspx.com" or similar and had that drop into the forums directly, with no links or reference back to my site.

I haven't seen that ambulance, DF but am very disappointed that they have closed their maternity ward. They are just going to keep going downhill. It is too bad. I just got a bill paid for by insurance since Oct. which they couldn't seem to submit correctly. They finally did after I told them ten times. What is wrong with them? What good is a building if what goes on inside doesnt' work?

There were 2 fire trucks and then the ambulance.

x, by your comments I guess Keith and Ralph are still working on a new site? I had kind of thought they had given up. My issue is I don't like having all the different sites. I think it hurts the usage. Also, it is a pain to check all the sites for fear we might MISS SOMETHING! LOL! I would like to see all three Wolfeboro Tuftonboro sites be consolidated into one.

I like X's fast response to function requests. Other sites don't equal that, I've noticed!

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Thanks Old Coot, I try to be on the stick. Like I said earlier, you guys grew on me over the last 2 years of me hosting the site. I want to try and give you the best environment possible. Here are some things I've been working on:

  • Custom landing page: I envisioned a more forum-centric site than Wolfeboro.net had in mind. They seemed more geared toward a "News site" that happens to have forums. Problem is, there is, or at least was until the last two months, no real news to fill the front page. It got stale.
  • Galleries and other customization areas: I've got proof-of-concepts of a Flickr-tag based gallery here. For those that use Flickr, it's anything with a Tag of "wolfeboro" sorted by Flickr's "Interestingness" metric. I don't know why the site thought it was "Interesting" to see "girl in underwear trying to figure out kayak with (swear to god) nothing under her lifejacket" was Interesting, but I guess that's Flickr for you. On the bright side, someone took a screen-shot of Day 1 of me hosting Wolfeboro.net, out of sheer coincidence.
  • Individual contributions to the Front Page: We actually have this already, if anyone wants to contribute a longer story, go ahead and either make a blog entry or point me toward your masterpiece Forum post, and I'll promote it upwards. I want you guys to feel a real ownership stake in the discussions that happen.
  • The main parts were the customized Wolfeboro landing page and the galleries/directories. Aside from that, we're pretty much there.

    That's why I've been trying to solicit as much feedback as I can. I want to know what you folks want, and want to do the work of providing it to you. New Site is relatively static and non-customizable by its nature as a free forum, and while the intention was sound, I think I can serve the forum-going public more easily and with more options for all of you.