Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?


All good suggestions, Dragonfly. You should work up a promotion for Dragonflies and post it under xray's pimping yourself heading.

Good luck with your opening and tell me please whatever you can about that huge and magnificent item that is in front of your porch.

All good suggestions, Dragonfly. You should work up a promotion for Dragonflies and post it under xray's pimping yourself heading.

Good luck with your opening and tell me please whatever you can about that huge and magnificent item that is in front of your porch.

on the Winnipesaukee Forum. Since they have a heading on web cams with a thread on bird watching, I figured I'd post the same post I put on this site about the falcon's nest web cam in Boston's Custom House Clock Tower. So I entered the very same post on their forum. I got the usual automatic doormat about how my post would be moderated! Well, either it never was, or it was rejected. Either way it worked out the same, my post disappeared into cyberspace.
I can't tell you how annoying I find this. So, I went back and put the same post on again, only this time I added a note to his highness, the Winnipesaukee Forum Moderator. It probably won't get me anywhere, bearing in mind that I sent him three e-mails of inquiry before and never got the courtesy of a reply. Anyway, for what it's worth here's the note I left for that site's royal moderator.
[Notes to Moderator. Why are all my comments on this site moderated? Why did my earlier post on the Falcon's Nest webcam never appear? Please advise how I can have a general interest post such as this one show up on this site.]

Well, thanks for reading, Emergency shelter friends. I'm sure my question will go ignored, but I do feel better for complaining. Also please forgive my previous double (+) post on this site.

I can't imagine why you are moderated, oc. I never thought anything you posted was offensive in any way, in fact you hven't posted often have you?

About 5 posts tis. None offensive. And no response today from his highness, the Winnipesaukee Moderator!

Hi Tom (sir)

The old Wolfeboro.net Forum, went dead on April Fools' Day! A computer geek named Chris, who used to troubleshoot the old Wolfeboro.net website, has graciously set up an "Emergency Forum" for the old Wolfeboro.net members. It is not a commercial venture, and has no advertisers.
Unfortunately, the people in the community who participated in the Wolfeboro.net Forum, all posted their comments under assumed names. Now, old members like myself lack much of anything in the way of contact information for these people.
For that reason there is only a small handful of people, who are participating in the new Forum. The diehards on the site (such as myself) would like to get the word out about the new forum and its Web address. Can you convert this e-mail into a small news article announcing our new forum? Any help that you can lend will be vastly appreciated. The web address of the new forum is:
In return for spreading the word, I'll keep you alerted as to any newsworthy goings on.

Your Pal,
(oc's real name!)

in the Granite State News. Here is the e-mail I got from Tom Beeler.
One question. Will you highlight Lowry's picture a la Marge Webster?

On Apr 27, 2009, at 5:10 PM, Tom Beeler wrote:

I actually caught that article last Thursday. There will be a story with mug shot on A1 this Thursday.

At the top, you can see my smart-assed answer.

Here's Tom Beeler's response to my Forum publicity request.

I would be happy to spread the word, and thank you for letting me know what happened to my old lurking spot.


Dragonfly, your suggestion worked out perfectly. As you can see by my posts, Tom Beeler was one of our silent participants on the old Forum. Anyway, if you come up with any more good ideas, I'm all ears. Meanwhile, exactly what is that thing in front of your porch?

For God Sakes, DF, will you tell him what that is in front of your house???? He keeps asking and you won't answer. LOL! You are as bad as OC. I keep asking him why he won't come on here and post and he won't answer me. I may have to call him on the phone!!!!!

Maybe I'll have to call Dragonfly to pry an answer out of her! Do you suppose there's some sinister secret surrounding Dragonfly's mystery object?

Tis, be patient - he's falling for my bait and I need to reel him in. How else can I lure people into our shop other then to create a mystery?

Actually, it's an Armillary made with antique parts by a metal artist friend of ours in Maine. I actually have two of them - there is a smaller on to the right of the front door to the barn. They make fabulous garden sculptures - don't you think!?!?!?

Here is a link to tell you about these. http://www.incois.gov.in:80/Tutor/science+society/lectures/illustrations...

The big one out front of the house is $3,200 and the one in front of the barn is $1,500. Will that be cash or check?

It just may be working DF!
It was on WASR about Lowry today.
How come we know about local news about 3 weeks before WASR or the GSN???

Was there anything new said or just the same press release we're all reading?

I wonder if it was because the sting operation was deeper as we all suspected and the FBI/DEA was keeping it quiet?

Right around the last week of March before my son Emerson left for the summer he was down playing BB at Foss Field with 4 or 5 buddies and a cop came along and gave them a wicked hard time and shooed them away. They were all kind of dumbfounded because they were just playing basketball but one of the mothers got real perturbed about it and called the Police Station and they said it was because an undercover arrest was about to happen and they didn't want our kids to be involved or see it etc. I wonder if that was SH or someone else or if it was part of this larger scenario. Regardless - it's all pretty strange.

Dragonfly wrote in part:
" I wonder if that was SH or someone else............"

I'd ask who the hell SH is, but I'm all worn out from getting a response about your Armillary!

"Still waiting for an excuse to run your photo. Perhaps a shot of you giving Marge a hug?

Marge ran below the fold. Lowry will run above the fold."

oc - take a break and when you gather yourself - go back to our previous conversations about the Hoyt Family.

Thanks for breaking the news to me softly, Dragonfly. I guess I don't have the aptitude to be a detective!

No, I think the quotes were directly from the article we read. Nothing new.

I bet he doesn't have a pretty knitted sweater on now.

I wonder who is next in wolfeoro to fall in this drug smuggling ring.

AS OC said on "Wolfeboro Politics" website:
"Now lets see if Police Chief Chase takes advantage of the Lowry pot bust. The Chief should be contacting the prosecution in that case to see if Lowry will roll over and divulge his local Wolfeboro and Carroll County connections."

I guess this is the boy:

Oh, wolf, I can't tell you how happy I was to see you name here! How did you find us? Noone knew how to email you or pm you or anything-at least I don't think they did. So Welcome! Hopefully more will come. DF and oc and I have been having a private little conversation here, although I do know others who are reading but not posting.
If others do fall in this drug thing, it could affect Wolfeboro property big time!

Hit Save twice-duplicate.

Hi tis,

Between travel, work, and waiting for wolfeboro.net to come back on line, I didin't post.

I started another thread on the Wolfeboro Politics section of this forum. It has to do with an article that was in the Grunter last week.
Something different to converse about.

It's good to see wolf & tis have found one another! I couldn't believe, in view of all the schmoozing you two did on the old WB.net site, that tis had no contact info on wolf!
I wonder who told wolf about this site?

I wonder too! GIVE WOLF!

Go back a few posts and the answer is there.

What is the most that anyone here has paid for a joint.

About thirty years ago I got one for free from a friend. I couldn't stop laughing, got a sexual urge and hungered for a pepperoni pizza. Is that the usual response after smoking a joint.

I haven't touched (or smoked) one since.

Crazy wolf

Does that mean that you haven't laughed, had sex or pizza for 30 years?

LOL! Good one oc.

Everything that I mentioned was better when I smoked the joint.

I don't know why I never asked for another one but I wouldn't mind having one right now to improve my "you know what".

I can see why people use pot because your senses are heightened also. By that I mean things look brighter and your hearing improves.

Maybe I should call "Dumb Ass" who is locked up in Illinois to see if he can guide me to some of his wolfeboro contacts.

If I go back a few posts , it goes to Tom Beeler, he must be a friend and told you. Am I right wolf?
I have never done any drugs, never even tried anything. I am happy enough without them. Guess I don't know what I have been missing, huh?

I was thinking --- Oh no, I know- but it isn't too bad now because we don't have a lot of posts but when we get a lot if we do, I am wondering if we could go to the last post first and then go back if we want to. Scrolling down through a whole page and then going to last page is going to take a lot of time if there are a lot of new posts to check. I hate to ask x as he has done a lot, but am wondering how difficult it would be. x????