And The Phone Company Taketh Away

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And just like that, the balance is restored as I was just informed by The Internet that my phone is no longer supported. Did the phone mention it? Not a chance. Did Verizon? Nah. If I manually go and update it goes out and checks, says it was successful and that I'm up to date with the last Security Update on August 5. As I read it service stopped on August 19.

Why is nothing alerting that fact at all.

And Natalie just replace her battery a couple of months ago. Like she didn't get the battery replaced, she replaced the battery. She's going to be really disappointed that the correct solution really was to just toss it on the pile of perfectly good hardware that gets instabricked by capitalists.

Before I replace my phone I'm going to try and install KDE OS on it or something and try and keep it going.

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