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I finally half-jumped ship on Linux. I have 5 computers, one runs windows as a dual-boot for my wife's sake, she uses it about once every four months to check her mail when she's not at work. The rest of the time, that machine is in SuSE. It has dual monitors and is very nice. I have an HP Laptop, 15", 60GB disk, DVD-ROM/CDburner, 9 lb. desktop replacement that I use for watching movies in bed and surfing from the couch.

Today I finally gave in and bought a second-hand 600Mhz G3 12" iBook. I have a "Sour Apple" IMac-DV, which coincidentally decided last night was a good time for its disk to die. I almost never used the iMac. When my wife and I first lived together, that was our DVD player, since I was mirroring output to a 21" Sony and the machine was 17" from our bed, and the monitor was bigger than our TV :-). Since we grew up, it's sat largely silent. It ran OSX 1.0.3 (so much for me being an early adopter).
So the iBook is pretty nice. Runs 10.2.8, which means I don't have to version-track back very far to find versions of software that run on it. I've been in possession of this guy for 27 hours. I have added Desktop Manager, iTerm since the terminal app crashed on me in the middle of doing work in a datacenter, and uControl. I initially found Side Track, but I still have this wacky OSS conviction thing twinging at the back of my mind, but I need my scroll pad.
The one thing I can't get over is the size of this stuff. I just installed Adium, a very complete, but very heavy IM package. I mean, 13MB for a freaking IM client? wow.
I'll try the Darwin Ports deal sometime when I have time, I really don't need any software that I can't get free, however the 12" laptop is very, very nice. I also can't get over the number of "shareware" packages there are to perform really trivial tasks. I don't get charging for a terminal emulator, or IM, or Virtual Desktops. The Virtual Desktops thing would have been a deal breaker too. My office machine is a tri-headed linux machine on which I make extensive (I mean EXTENSIVE) use of virtual desktops).
Wish me luck. I wish this thing had a DVD player. Dang.

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