I'm Free

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To do what I want...any old time...

I'm no longer at VistaPrint, so calls to these numbers will fail:
781-652-6317 (I think, who the fuck knew what my phone number was)
339-222-4088 (the Worst Camera Phone in History)

Likewise, mail to chrisc@vistaprint.com will fail or be read by someone else.

Please use my personal addresses, IM, home phone, etc to get hold of me.

If you know someone who would like me to work for them, by all means have them call me, but we will be taking vacation the Friday before Memorial Day until the next Monday, that isn't going to change, so I wasn't going to start looking until after we got back. One of my pet peeves is hiring someone only to get "well, I've got vacation scheduled for 2 weeks, in 2 weeks".

As for me personally, I'll be just fine. When I put my resume out last year I had 3 phone interviews which turned quickly into 3 face to face interviews within 6 business days of releasing the hounds. So I know that if I'm willing to keep driving to Boston, I can easily get work. Thing is, I don't really know that I'm willing to do that anymore. We'll see what happens.

The plan is to putter around the house, take my damn vacation, study for some certs, get 'em, then go look. It might turn out differently if need arises, but I want to take this laid back.

Thanks to those who wished well. We built a great big thing together over the last 6 years, it will continue to do well, and I hope everyone there does also.

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I will be missing you and prolly joining you soon. DONT be a STRANGER!!!


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Like I could possibly be stranger than you...

Thanks for the thought man, "EVERYTHING IS FINE."

/For the life of me I am f****d(?)