Drug bust

I started a new thread on this because this topic is getting mixed up with other topics. Also this case is going to take some time and we might want something that we can go back to easily.

It looks like a lot of people in Wolfeboro are shocked that Lowry could do such a thing. Pat Waterman said: "I was shocked and surprised because it's not the Jim Lowry I know."
Tim O’Dowd said: "Jeez, he seemed like a really public-spirited guy and a really nice guy," If you met him, you'd really like him."

I’m not shocked at all. Politicians wear a mask and have multiple personalities. They can talk the bark of a tree (oc said this about Marge Webster) and every other word out of their mouth is “I” this and “I” that. They love to hear themselves talk and think we all believe every word they say.

I’m sure Lowry is a typical politician and knows just what to say at any given moment.

Not me I call a spade a spade and could care less who likes me.

As I've previously related, Jim Lowry didn't fool me years ago. (Even though that was his intention.) Perhaps he polished his schtick later. We used to call his type a "floor flusher".
Don't worry wolf - tis likes you.

Lowry's Illinois Drug Bust fame has spread to the Winnipesaukee Forum (where topics are limited to Lake Winnipesaukee). A poster named Greenbean, who, like almost anyone else has more "pull" on that site than I, has posted a link to our new Wolfeboro In Exile Forum!
Greenbean went on to explain that on this site Lowry's arrest was old news.
My thanks to Greenbean for using her/his clout on the other forum to promote our spiffy new home.

"four flusher" lol, where do you come from?


I have only called someone a "Four Flusher" when they tried to bluff their way through something.

Lowry will become a "Floor Flusher" when he gets his strips (horizontal ones that is) in prison. OK Lowry get that mop out and clean those dirty prison floors!

I can't believe Pat didn't know about Lowry's reputation. C'mon.

Back in the dark ages, when I first moved to Wolfeboro, Dave McKinnon of Creative Sign Company told me how to succeed in Wolfeboro. He told me that no matter whose name came up in conversation, that I should say, "oh he's (or she's) a nice person". He told me that this was good advice, because in Wolfeboro, everyone's related to or knows everyone else!
It's interesting that Dave McKinnon lived at the foot of Lakeview Drive. That's down near where Pat Waterman lives today. Maybe it is a neighborhood motto!
Perhaps it's more to the point that if you visit the Town's website: http://www.wolfeboronh.us/
and find the supervisors of the checklist, you'll see Lowry, O'Dowd & Dennis Bean listed, followed by Pat Waterman as "contact person" I bet WMUR followed that path when they did their story. Dennis Bean (lucky guy) wasn't around the day of the interview.

I am one of those people who are related to a lot of people in Wolf, but I don't know that many people any more. The town has changed.
I bet they did follow that path, oc.
I did hear that Dennis Bean was contacted by news media but not WMUR.

And who did you say you are related to?

Is Dennis Bean part of the Bean family that owns Wolfeboro Oil?

Yes, he is a cousin. I guess I should clarify that-he is a cousin to Wolf Oil family.

Thanks tis.

At the time of Jim Lowry's arrest, it was my understanding that his case would be heard in an Illinois court in May. My calendar tells me that Monday is June 1. Shouldn't we be hearing something about all this by now?

It has been very quiet. I have heard a few rumors, one being that he was going to get off because it was an illegal search. No idea of the truth of that though.

I also heard the possibility of the bust being declared "illegal" because of the low speed involved. Not sure that will fly in such a case, but has anyone heard anything new recently?

Today I went casting about the Internet, looking for any news updates, particularly on the Henry County case in Illinois against our own ex-police Commissioner, Jim Lowry. I didn't find the type of updates I was looking for, but I did find one "Blogspot" where Wolfeboro's two most famous crimes were described. What follows is what I found:
"Crimes jolt N.H. tourist town; Slaying, drug bust shake Wolfeboro" by Jenna Russell and Sarah Schweitzer, Globe Staff | May 25, 2009
WOLFEBORO, N.H. - Wolfeboro, 85 miles north of Boston, bills itself as "America's Oldest Summer Resort" and draws a seasonal parade of moneyed, high-profile guests. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney owns a home there; French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited in 2007. Talk around town typically turns to taxes or big-money real estate transactions.

But townspeople were feeling unsettled even before the shock of the stabbing. In April, news broke that a former Wolfeboro police commissioner who is now an overseer of the town's voter list had been arrested and charged with drug trafficking after State Police in Illinois stopped him in March for speeding and allegedly found 900 pounds of marijuana in his truck. A longtime resident active in local affairs, James Lowry told police he was returning from a ski trip.


Need I even comment?!

Lowry's arrest seemed sure to be the big news of the year. But then, weeks later, came the savage killing, committed in the victim's home while two of her five children and several of their friends were present. Police, who responded to a 911 call from the house that morning, have been tight-lipped about the details....

Amazing, isn't it?

Sometimes they flap away and the newspapers run with it; other times, zip!

Yeah, NO AGENDA-PUSHING going on, though!

Behind the scenes was a deeply troubled marriage, described in court papers filed by Burns in her recent divorce. Married for 17 years to Edward J. Burns Jr., 47, a merchant marine and the father of her five children, Stacey Burns sought to end the marriage because of her husband's drinking, abuse, anger, and threats, according to documents in Ossipee family court.

Oh, here we go. They CAN'T SOLVE the CRIME so the first thing they are doing is FRAMING the HUSBAND!!!

That can't be right; I heard marine captains were heroes (think Somalia, readers).

While home from long trips at sea, Edward Burns berated her constantly, Stacey Burns alleged, for the way she cooked and the way she dressed, for failing to supervise the children's homework and for serving them "sugared cereal." He forced himself on his wife sexually, she said, and woke her at 4 one morning in July 2007 to threaten her with "death before divorce."

"This is a man that is angry," Stacey Burns wrote in a statement to police, "and will hurt me if he is not forced to stay away."

Oh, he had to have done this then.

Edward Burns responded with an accusation of his own: that his wife had carried on an adulterous affair, destroying their marriage and placing their children at risk, according to court papers.

Stacey Burns sought and received a restraining order, but her husband objected and a judge dismissed it in November because the couple had had routine contact around their children without incident.

Oh, excuse me!?? I just smelt ONE HELL of a STINK!!!


Local law enforcement should be keeping tabs on the Lowry case, but I've seen no evidence that they have been. And we here in Wolfeboro have been dazzled by all the press releases from the New Hampshire State Attorney General's Office regarding the Burns homicide. - (NOT)
Do the job descriptions for people working in these agencies include instructions to keep Wolfeboro in the dark?

is at least grinding through the Illinois Court System, according to a front page update in today's (07/23/09) Granite State News. Lowry's motion to suppress evidence was denied by the judge and the case is now to proceed on the merits. That puts to rest the rumors that have surrounded the case locally (in Wolfeboro) about the charges having been dropped.

I read that today, too oc. He told someone that it is not what they think. Wonder what he meant by that.
Now that OC is not around anymore I guess I could call you OC, right? Do you think you could be capitalized now?

I use the small case "o&c" because old coot isn't capitalized either. Neither is tis, I notice.

and full of shit more than a Christmas Goose, if you know what I mean. He has more than one pounders!!

Right, I figured if I didn't capitalize it, then everytime I signed in, it would be one less thing to do. Ever so efficient, right? (Or lazy)
So we keep the oc small, right?
I miss OC, wolf, he keeps the Wolfeboro Politics stuff going on the sites. You will have to replace him. I am afraid I don't go or keep up much any more either. Just what I hear or read in the paper.

I went to Jim Lowrys yard sale and he told me the rumors were absolutely not true. He said he wasn't with Paul DUmonts mother and he had nothing to do with the Burns murder and that he was "still working" on the Illinois Case.

I think he probably was cleaning up his personal belongings just in case he was looking at a new home in Illinois and don't want to leave his Girl with a messy chaotic garage.

We got a really nice red wool Pendelton hunting coat big enough for Frank for just $5.00. Guess he won't be needing much money in his new home either.

Anyone know if he lost his job with Bob Soucy the moral-less owner of Coldwell Banker.....or maybe they all like to stick together.

I thought Jim worked for Paul DuMont.... lol....

Well he did - or still does - who knows? LOL!