Discrimination of Wolfeboro Residents?

The Lakes Region's largest forum has under "Moderation" at least three members from Wolfeboro.

Rise up! Fight back!

Oh wait...I'm "Peace_through_Weakness".

Never mind.



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and make some other forum the lake's region's largest. And if there isn't a suitable one, create one. I'd be happy to help.

That pompous site has always had me "under moderation." I don't care or know why. On rare occasions I feel compelled to post something there, but I hate making any contribution to His Highness's site.
They may be the area's biggest forum now, but remember, General Motors was once the world's biggest carmaker. I hope that that's how things work out for the Winnipesaukee Forum as well.
Meanwhile, as I've mentioned previously, this Fine Forum shall remain my headquarters. Given time, it will grow. I'll just continue to invite others to meet me here on the Wolfeboro In Exile Forum.

I am at your Forum's service, should you need a magician.
M. Heppelwhite

Who is the third one?



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PTW is a Secret Canadian. Sent here by the One World Government to spread misinformation and confusion to keep America from being a dominant force so we can be assimilated by the Illuminati to the New World Order.

I just KNEW it.

I, for one, welcome our new polite maple syrup overlords.

I don't think Peace would be one who would go for the new world order. If he does, I would be very surprised.
P- is that the first letter of the person you are referring to? W?

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Nah, that's how they get you. The One World'ers make themselves seem like us, until they subtly disrupt our system from the inside, creating chaos and doubt, and thereby priming us to accept the Order.

So who like the idea, x? Not me, not you, just those in power?

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I was just making fun of PTW's sudden Canadian accent and making a "So now the truth comes out" scenario of sedition and international horseplay.

I didn't know there was Serious Business under discussion in this thread.

I agree, let's save it for the other threads. Enough. Have a fun one for a change. EVeryone seems to turn into an Obama thread.

Common sense rules apply to everyone everywhere, huh xray?
M. Heppelwhite

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I took a look at your subscription settings, and you've got auto-subscriptions turned off, which is good, but all the pre-existing subscriptions to existing threads were still enabled. I've disabled those for you, should stop it.

Thanks. I always check here first anyway so don't need them in my email.

I have unpublished any comments relating to the "stalking" discussion. When I said "Knock it off", evidently some folks thought I meant "Please show me more of this, I am interested".

I believe I got all the offending comments, though it seemed to start out of nowhere. If there are comments in other threads that I missed, please let me know and I'll go clean them up.

This is a site where users are not required to identify themselves by name, people may use aliases. I don't care what someone's alias here maps to on another site. Don't post this information. Don't build profiles of other users and post them in public.

In the same vein, I don't care what users do on other sites. I don't care if someone gets banned somewhere else, if they don't do anything here that prompts it, they're just fine by me.

Now that you've been asked twice, please drop this thread. I know that no one here would like it if I decided to just out all the real people behind the posts, and I should think you'd respect the other members right to anonymity as well, if they choose to be anonymous.

I haven't banned anyone, and I don't plan to as long as no further personal info is released. If it continues, I will have no choice.

Now why did Don allow your most recent post, oc?

It was inflammatory and hate-filled. Or was that gocart-mozart's most recent post that was inflammatory and hate-filled?

I agree with both of you.

What is there about Saugus, MA, that I don't know?



Are you off your meds again PtW?

Why don't you copy and paste the "inflammatory and hate-filled" post you allude to right here on this forum. I've reviewed my posts and those of gokart-mozart's and I've found NONE to be as you describe.
What is your problem?