Dork Yearbook

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BoingBoing launched a fun Dork Yearbook photo project. Upload your embarrassing pics of your geeky childhood, and they will add helpful captions. I decided to recreate my yearbook picture for 2009 as well.


Taking a break from busily copying Atari ST software at my friend's house. As near as I can tell I was probably 17 here, since I had short hair, which was a very brief phenomenon:

And the retake:

Looking at the new picture it strikes me how "Jesusy" my office is. I have the Smoking Jesus on my router, gift from a friend, complete with lifelike cigarettes and manual. There's also St. Isidore, Patron Saint of the Internet (Libraries and knowledge or somesuch), which I think was a gift from the same friend. The painting is by Natalie, and I really have liked it since the first time I went in her apartment.

Smoking Jesus is now being tempted with an apple on a tray courtesy of my Hello Kitty jewelry stand.