Gang of Four at the Paradise

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[music | Throwing Muses - Soul Soldier, Live At The Middle East]

Here are some of my favorite photos from the fantastic Gang of Four show at the Paradise. We even got Hugo Burnham for a few songs! I know one of Natalie's cow-orkers had him as a professor in school in Boston, so we were glad he sat in.

I've rarely seen a crowd that active at the Paradise, maybe Alice in Chains, but I think the added space just gives people more room to move around now. I liked the renovations, the club completely makes more sense now. It seemed cursed, since we've had like 3 or 4 shows booked since the re-opening and haven't made it to a single one.

Also, huge thanks to LiveNation for not ruining the Paradise for photographers. Now, fix the damned House of Blues!

There are lots more pics on Flickr:

I would have given any one of you $1000 American to knock down that microphone stand right then:

This picture does nothing to convey the massive sound coming from that instrument at that moment:

At some point, I developed a thing for people playing the melodica:

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