The Breeders @ Paradise Boston 06-05-2008

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[music | Unwoman - Deeper Understanding]

Only $22, what a Deal. Last pun promise.

Of course there's pictures:

This is one of those shows I've waited for for a long, long long time, much like the Muses and the Pixies and the do we see a trend here? I can't think of too many better venues for this show either. They played long and loud to a sold out house filled with people who loved them. Kim and Kelly were really genuinely funny and more than once the whole audience was just left laughing (Huffer). Kelley was really bringing the noise too. I've also got to say that woman-fronted bands seem to be just LOUDER than anyone else. Throwing muses literally untied my boots, this show was close from start to finish, and from what I understand, Veruca Salt is about the loudest noise known to humankind. Kelley and Kim seemed to one-up each other, going back and turning up amps, then a little more, then a liiiiitle more. And Kim can really make her acoustic guitar make sounds that no acoustic guitar should ever try to match.

Their harmonies are really unique sounding with such contrasting voices (for twins) and clearly, they play off each other and the audience a lot.

I could sit here and try to add more and more all night and gush and gush, but suffice to say "It was good, my Kim Deal crush is intact and I'm very happy".

The openers were the Montana Boys. They were all right, really. Loud as hell, having a good time, the crowd cared more about them than most opening bands I've seen lately, which is a big plus. I have no pictures of them.

What I did do for pictures was disable the Nuclear Searchlight light meter on my camera, since I'm setting everything manually anyway, and I can't find a setting for "off" for the stupid thing, I just blacked it out with some cloth. Seems to have worked pretty well, especially with as few pictures as I took. We were really packed in like cattle, so there couldn't be much variety, so I didn't take much. Probably 70% of them came out and are below.

I really wish this had come out better. That's KIMS BASS!! and don't you forget it. I also wish I'd gotten the rest of the neck and the drawn-on tuning pegs.

The joke in this next two was that she was like Derek Smalls getting out of the Pod (tuning her guitar) just in time for the last note of the song...

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I was to your left somewhere!
Kim shook my hand getting offstage!
This cemented the fact that I want to be her.
I loved that Mando was playing her bass left handed - it was even strung righty.
I honestly thought they put on a better show than the Pixies did when I saw them... They were so funny and warm and comfortable. Kim and Kelley had a great banter going, and it is really chilling to hear them sing together.. their voices are so similar and they play off each other so well.