Bosstones and Dropkicks, 7-10-2008

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Fun fun fun. This show was apparently the first ever at LeLacheur Park in Lowell, I hope they do more after this, it was great. The floor they put down was way easier on an old man's knees than concrete or even wood. After jumping around for 3 hours I can still pretty much walk, which is a bonus.

Pics and rambling

Civet opened. They were a good LA punk girl band with fun retro haircuts. They got the crowd moving in 80 degree heat which was a good sign. Compare: The Trucks or The Soviettes maybe? One song I'd swear I must have heard before, or maybe it was a cover, I wasn't really paying too close attention. But it immediately made me think "Soviettes".

I've seen the Bosstones probably half a dozen times, and they've never disappointed. I loved it 12 years ago in the snow at UNH, had a blast at the Throwdown this last year, and this show was awesome. This show definitely had a lot more room for people to move around and dance than the Middle East show, and the crowd was awesome. I'll leave it to someone else to fill in the setlist or whatever for these sets because I was too busy to keep track of much besides "They played lots". Of course it was shorter than when they've been headlining their own show, but they got a lot of awesome in there. Dickie did the same "Oh, you want me to take your picture with this cellphone? This must be The Future or something" schtick that he did at the Middle East, virtually word for word, I do remember that much.

They also got slightly political at the end. By slightly, of course I mean a 25 foot high Obama Head banner:

I took a picture because I thought it looked a lot like Obey Giant. Turns out I'm some kind of friggin psychic, who knew.

The Dropkicks set was very similar to the Tsongas set from St. Patricks day. The Big Secret though was that they decided to tape this show for a live release. I think that given the choice, I'd rather have a CD of the Tsongas show, but I'll definitely be coughing up the $15 for this show. Looks like they're doing a proper "take it in and remix it, then release it", rather than an InstantLive type deal. That's probably for the best based on the live CDs I have of shows I've gone to, sometimes the instant CD comes out great, but a lot can be cleaned up with Technology.

The lead singer from Civet came out for Dirty Glass and did a good job considering she's not Stephanie Dougherty.

I love Boston. That is all.

I look forward to hearing the live CD, and also to getting some sleep tonight, so here are a couple of the decent photos from the Flickr sets:


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:

Dropkick Murphys:

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