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Just as long as your Different doesn't differ from our largest ISV's Different

Reading up on Adobe CS3 prior to installing (should be here in a couple days), I find that it does not work on case sensitive filesystems. I would like apple, Apple and aPplE to mean different things to my machine, for various reasons, not the least of which is "it's comfortable to me". A good example I saw is that there is a perl module which calls the file "HEAD", "head" is a unix utility, if you have case insensitivity, that perl module will get confused unless you change your code to specify the exact path to its HEAD.

At least I haven't done much since I reinstalled on Monday night, but still, it took me a couple of days to get stuff back to "mostly the same", just in time for a replay. I hope New Drive is ok, since, just like Old Drive, it sounds like a dumptruck full of nickels driving off a cliff.

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