Mongol Rally

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My brother-in-law is almost finished taking part in this year's Mongol Rally. They have made it from London to Mongolia, though their car and one of its occupants did not. There are several posts below that were pretty interesting along the way:

Tommy's team was Team Ironsides, and the blog has been pretty faithfully updated by Joya, who I gather has done most of the driving. They lost one of their team due to visa issues, and as I mentioned, the car died too. From what I gather they sold it for $4, which they then blew on candy bars :-)

They have since hooked up with Team Wingit (blog, photos) and Tim&Fudge (blog, pics). To be honest, I thought this was one of the worst ideas I'd heard in a very long time, but things seem to have largely worked out, and I'm glad that everyone is safe and saw a lifetime's worth of countries in just a few weeks. Now it's just finish the rally, party, train to Beijing, fly home, simple huh?

Good luck guys, I hope you took lots of photos you just didn't post.

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