James Bond Accidentally Killed Democracy

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It's the best I can do folks. This is the most obvious, if accidental conspiracy I can think of.

We have very real government overreach in agencies like the CIA and NSA, which basically operate on their own agenda, regardless of which political party is in office. That exists, and they really do spy on everyone they possibly can, for reasons we can only really guess. Widespread access to massive swathes of the Internet including Google, major ISPs and corporate systems. TAO installing backdoors in Cisco products while in shipment to customers, the fact that BlueCoat even exists period. The NSA and GCHQ really do have access to all communications people make on airplanes pretty much by default. CIA really does meddle in third world politics, just a damn bit. See also funding Mujahideen because they were against the Russians, who themselves in turn were the Taliban, who gave power and support to people like Osama bin Laden and a too-long Afghan war.

Given the neat narrative framework provided by series like James Bond, SPECTRE, Quantum, etc., well it's not hard to construct a narrative of Hillary Clinton as part of some secret cabal intent on taking away your jobs and enriching her "political dynasty" family instead of what she is.

A 25 year campaign of "fringe" propaganda has painted her as a murderer, a power grabber, part of some secret left wing cabal intent on taking away /your/ rights, while giving what's yours to someone else. They'll know if you speak up too much, you see what the NSA is doing these days and intercepting everything? Under Obama, who /may not even have been born here/? (Now where have we heard that before, Mr. Trump?)

Clinton has a 40 year history of public service. She served the people as first lady fighting for health care reform, to a senator, and then Secretary of State. Also her husband was cheating on her, including while he was President. Oh, and she was responsible for that too. I mean just look at the things she said about the woman who was banging her husband. How could someone say anything nasty about the woman who was banging her husband?

A certain segment of the population just eats that up like crazy. They in turn are loud enough that otherwise rational people, non-racists, Smart Folks, just "can't vote for Clinton because of all the accusations" and she's "just so unlikeable".

It'd be pretty easy for a Steve Bannon or a Manafort and Putin to take advantage of these situations and actually help guide a Charismatic Loudmouth to amplify the fringe Alex Jones right wing and stir discontent around The Establishment and its abuses. Bam. We have Trump, and chaos and you tear the whole thing down to try and enrich yourself.

So thanks a lot jackass NSA, CIA et. al. And Ian Fleming and the whole damn Bond franchise and Stargate and the like :-).

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