U2 at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro MA, 9/21/2009

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It's probably about time Natalie and I went to a big arena show, and so we did...

The reason I never was that into arena shows is the distance and lack of intimacy, never mind the multi-hundred dollar seats. However Natalie scored at the last minute by noticing $50 general adm. tix opened up and snatched them up on the spot. Apparently, there are a few "levels" of GA. There's "on the field", then "Red Zone", which I gather you pay a lot more for, and then there was some inner circle deal.

The trick with the inner circle was that it was guarded by a bunch of security passing people through. Had we not gotten the scoop that anyone with GA is allowed in, we never would have approached, because it looked "Exclusive". The Inner Circle held like a couple thousand fans and got you to within a couple of feet of the stage.

At that point, the only difference between this and any other show was that the stage was like 8' high. We took our spots 3 rows from the stage and laid in wait.

All in all, the show was great. We were close enough we didn't feel like we were watching TV from the stands. This was easily the biggest show I'd ever been to, previously it was probably "anything in a hockey arena", so NIN, Tool, that kind of thing. I think I'll take stadium shows much more seriously now, assuming we can get down close in and not spend a fortune to do it. Thanks U2 for making a show I wanted to see, even with 80,000 other fans.

Here are some of my favorite pictures, here's the Flickr set:

More Pictures

Edge looks like a bright shiny sticker laid down on top of the normally lit box seats:

At one point a fan got up on stage and carried Bono all the way across the stage and set him down. I got the only shot I could of that, which sucked. Then as he continued the song they played on the bridges as he tried to reach out and touch her:


In a stunning turn of events, Natalie took a camera too, here's her Flickr set, and some of my favorites:

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So glad you got to see this show. Great pics!

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Make an account already :-)

But yeah, it was a good show, and we're happy we were able to get so close. I took a couple pictures during Snow Patrol's set to illustrate how close we were:

This is of the rack just to our left of that bassist above: