English Beat @ Tupelo 12-15-2010

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I don't have time to write much tonight, but I wanted to post some pictures

Tonight we saw the English Beat for the second time at the same venue, Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry. I've got kind of mixed feelings on the venue, since it's a pretty chill atmosphere with a BYOB policy, but they had chairs, for a dancy fun band, again.

In any case the band was great and after a couple of songs the crowd really started getting into it, as much as we could with the chairs around. They're going to be doing a couple more local shows, one at another Tupelo location in White River Jct. VT, and then back at the Londonderry location for New Years, which I may go to, depending on whether friends go.

Musically they're still really tight and really interact well with the crowd. The best quote, after Dave polished off a container of coconut milk:

"They can make wine out of it. And it's a fruit, just like the tomato. 53 years and I still can't get the fucking hang of this planet..."

Here are some photos from the show, not that great, but I was back 11 rows, and was bouncing around, click them to view at Flickr:


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