Neko Case @ Lupo's

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Tonight was Neko Case at Lupo's in Providence. Aside from the most frustrating day in the world, especially for my wife, it was awesome. Thank you The Internet, for making me listen to her.

Update: Oh yeah, and I got hit by a car.

We got up a little bit late today, though I still made the office by 9:15. Natalie then had to drive through an ice storm, while I found a hotel room so she wouldn't have to drive back home late at night on possibly icy roads.

She got lost on the way to my office, though I found her pretty easily. I went back in for my laptops, etc, and when we left, I decided there should be a stairwell at the end of the building, and we went that way to avoid the rain. Indeed, there was a stairwell there, and the door at the bottom of the stairs was alarmed so we couldn't open it. Oh, and when we got back to my floor, that door was locked. We were now trapped in the stairwell. I called my boss, left him voicemail, called the other admin, no love. I ended up calling the receptionist and explaining where we were and having her come out and save us. Thanks!

Then there's traffic and general Driving in Providence type stuff. Finally we got to the hotel just in time to wait 15 minutes for a valet. Then jammed up to the room and back down in 10 minutes, so we could wait an additional 20 minutes for the valet again. We did mention we'd be right back down, oh well.

The show made up for all that. We took Natalie's youngest sister to her first of hopefully many shows with us. This was a great way to break her in too. I'm not very familiar with Neko Case, but the music was great and I really thought the guy doing lap/pedal steel and banjo was awesome. The music still reminds me a lot of Throwing Muses in the timing and general style, but with more lap steel, and of course a less-gravelly singer :-)

Lupo's has undergone serious renovations since we were there last. I was talking to one of the security guys and he said they did it all around 6 months ago. New hardwood floors (Lupos used to be a theatre I'm guessing, so there's 5 tiers leading down to the stage and then a balcony and box seats). Plus there are additional bars and new mixing desks, it really looks top notch. This is exactly what I wish someone would do to the Orpheum in Boston. Rip out all the seats and just make "dance floor". Though tonight, Lupo's had folding metal chairs on the dance floor, but I guess it was more that type of show than what we normally go to.

I have lots more money to spend on more Neko Case CDs, she was fun and her voice was gorgeous.

I had a camera in my pocket, but the photo Nazi's made it go back to the hotel. I only tried that because the Biltmore is a two block walk from the club. I just shouldn't ever try anything.

Update:As we got back to the hotel after dropping the sister off, we handed the car to the valet, and I walked behind my car and another car parallel parked at the entrance. He decided that was the time to jam it in reverse and back over me. I forgot about that part, it didn't really hurt, but really, what the fuck. Perfect way to end the perfect Day of Mishaps.

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