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[music | The Pixies - Break My Body]

If you'll remember back a few months, I lost a toenail after catching a drunken pit guy at Rev. Horton Heat. In today's installment, it's a fingernail.

Today I was putting some switches in a rack, and was putting in cage nuts the un-safe way. With a screwdriver instead of a cage nut tool. Here's what the aftermath of that can look like unless you're more careful than I am.

I'm putting pictures behind here for people who are queasy:

The nail is there, but really just held in place by one corner and the end of the cuticle, which you'll note has been pushed all the way back, so you can see way more nail now than you could yesterday. I should probably just pull it out, but on second thought, fuck that. It'll fall out soon enough I'm sure.

I wonder if more people won't be put off by what my thumb is doing in that second pic. Not to worry, they just do that. That's not even really that bent, if I do it constantly I can flex it both ways 90 degrees. It's awesome for playing pool.

I'll watch it for a couple of days and if I start twitching and stop being able to open my mouth or swallow, I'll probably go to a hospital. I'm pretty sure I got a tetanus shot like 2 years ago, and I'm also pretty sure I didn't gouge myself with the screwdriver, though it is possible. Ah well. I have an appreciation for what human rights activists are all bitchy about with this whole torture thing, though it doesn't really hurt at all now, so maybe they're all just big crybabies.

On a positive note, I get to be a pretend bachelor for a while. Took my wedding band off in case it starts swelling. I'd rather have it on a shelf than have some ER guy cutting it off me because my finger swelled up and turned black because some ring was cutting off the flow.

--disclaimer before I get yelled at: Unequivocally, POWs are not crybabies.