The Goth Militia Is Rising!

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This past weekend the feds conducted raids in three states targeting the Hutaree militia group. These guys are Christian survivalist extremists, "Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive". They believe the Anti-Christ walks among us, that kind of thing. Nevermind that as I understand it, if the Anti-Christ is walking among us, that means the rapture has already happened, which means "You Lose".

Other militia groups want nothing to do with these guys apparently, so they've definitely at least won the Nutjob Arms Race.

Anyway, I found their site and they had a training video posted on the front page:

That's right, they're Sisters of Mercy fans! Of course, they think it's "weird 80's music from Germany", but still, that's the greatest thing I've seen. I wish it was Pet Shop Boys, or Erasure, but this will definitely do nicely.

I'm sure that video won't be sticking around YouTube for too long, but I did download it locally, so if it goes away, I can always put it back.