Honey Don't Be A Wild One

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Honey Don't

Due to the unique way my brain works and the size of my CD collection, whenever I hear a song by one artist that I know I have different versions of, I have to queue up all the other versions and get the whole shootin' match.

This morning, I heard versions of Wild One (Real Wild Child) from Jerry Lee Lewis, then Iggy Pop, Lou Reed (different song but I still had to) and Brian Setzer. Now I'm on Honey Don't, first by Carl Perkins, now (Memphis band we met at Sun Studios) The Gunslingers, and next Wanda Jackson.


Jerry Lee:


Lou Reed:

Brian Setzer:

Honey Don't

Carl Perkins (But actually, Ringo!):


REDEX - But, I strongly suggest you take a trip into historical times and listen to this track on Myspace. This was a super fun bonus of having gone to Memphis, was grabbing this guy's CD at the end of the Sun Studio tour, they were good.

Wanda Jackson: