2016 Third Party Voters

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In 2016, a vote for a third party is a vote to legitimize Trump's fascist vision.

As I sit here watching a Donald Trump rally, and my fellow Granite Staters chanting "Build That Wall" while a stream of consciousness volley of nonsense, lies and unconstitutional threats comes out of this horrible man, I'm reminded of exactly how close the race is here in New Hampshire.

Far from being utterly repudiated, we're looking at fairly even poll numbers in New Hampshire. Think about that.

Think about that and then go vote for Gary Johnson? I don't think so. I get that there are those who think "They're both bad" or "Clinton's just 4 more years of the same", but these two candidates are not equivalent. Hillary Clinton is not the liar Donald Trump is. Hillary Clinton is not the bigot Donald Trump is. Hillary Clinton is a qualified, well respected, knowledgable leader with actual policies and a history of legislation and international negotiation. Donald Trump has a loud mouth, but I've never heard a concrete policy proposal come of it, ever. "Apple will build factories in the United States, believe me" does not count as a "policy".

So let's look at Gary Johnson, who is polling at 8% in NH:

  • Not only has no opinion, right or wrong, about the leveling of Aleppo, but didn't know what Aleppo was. People are being butchered by the thousands at the hands of their own leader, and we should elect a President of the United States who doesn't know where it is? Think hard about that.

  • Could not name a single living foreign leader for whom he has any admiration. Went on to fail to name any leaders period.

These were not "gotcha" questions. These are the simplest meatball over the plate knock it out of the park sir questions a candidate can be asked. On a par with "What's your opinion on puppies"?

I personally can't vote for a person for president who is less well informed than even I am. I want a president who understands foreign relations. I want a president who understands the weight of the office they hold, and uses that office to maximum effect to help the greatest number of people. I want a president who treats people with basic human dignity and who can represent our interests in the world with honor.

2016 is not a year to prevaricate. 2016 is a referendum on basic human decency. Please don't sit out that conversation to vote for the "Republicans; Now With Weed!" candidate.

Let Donald Trump's closing statements from Portsmouth make us think:

"One People, Saluting One Flag, Under One God."

"You will look back on this rally 10, 20, 30 years from now..."

You bet we will. We will remember these rallies as the time an opponent-imprisoning fascist got 40% of the popular vote in the United States. We must all do what we can to turn that tide. Voting third party in this election year only narrows that gap and makes strongman fascism look like a sound election strategy. Let's make this a blow out.

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