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[music | Curve - Split Into Fractions]

The Reverand Horton Heat and Th' Legendary Shack Shakers at the Middle East with some photos from the World's Worst Camera Phone.

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This show was completely mental sideways out of control. Th' Legendary Shack Shakers even more so. The good Col. J.D. Wilkes was unhinged, it really made me wish I'd seen them last year when I had the chance, but I'm glad I saw them this time. He was just torturing the front row with snot rockets, sprinkling belly/pube hair on 'em, pushing them down. He was one of the biggest spaz's I've seen in a while on stage.

The Rev. part was great, I had been waiting forever to see him, and he was just grinning and playing faster than anyone else. I only got a couple of pictures of that set before getting yelled at by security, but we had a blast. Had to leave just before encores, which bummed me out, but we really had to go to get the train. Why don't clubs open slightly earlier? Doors for this were at 8, Shack Shakers went on like at 9, that kind of pushes it. Middle east had the same deal with Throwing Muses, show started at 9 with 3 bands, that was a $22 cab ride back to where I left my car, in fact, this is a problem I've only ever had with the Middle East... Better: Why doesn't the T (esp. now that it's going to be TWO FUCKING BUCKS) run at least a reduced schedule all night?

Bad photos, they'll look worse if you make 'em bigger:

J.D. Wilkes on the Prowl

I love how much he could swing that head without moving the bass an inch:

I think that sign was metal, it sounded it, we were convinced that was coming down.

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