TKK + Cylab at Axis

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[music | Bauhaus - She's in Parties]

LJ ate my entry from last Friday when everything was fresh. I remember being much less complementary of TKK, but I really was glad I went.

So last Friday we saw My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and Cylab at Axis. I did this against the better judgment of Those Who Have Gone Before.

Bartender word was that they only pre-sold 100 tickets, and it showed. We got there 15 minutes before Cylab was supposed to go on, and there were 7 patrons in there (not counting us). Things didn't pick up much during Cylab's set. They were really good, we'll be buying CDs etc. And they did a good job despite there being no people, and what people there were were 95% guys so no one was dancing. I give them a ton of credit for actually playing instruments and not relying solely on a laptop, a synth that's not plugged in. They developed an annoying buzz about halfway through their set, and actually cared enough about all of us to stop and fix it, which entailed ripping apart their patch and rebooting the Powerbook that was serving up the beats.

TKK was someone I had to see just to have seen them. The sound was pretty awful, and though the floor did fill up a bit, they still never passed critical mass of females in the audience, so aside from a few girls spazzing out at the sidelines and bumping into my beer hand, there was still no dancing. Groovie looked like he was about to flash some wang, which I think would have been a real shame.

Overall I had fun, it would have been a bit cooler with a more active crowd, but I suppose I am partially to blame for that, but I'm a fucking sheep anyway.

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